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Celebrating 10 years of technology innovation in Gurugram

In February 2021, we’re celebrating 10 years since we established our technology team in Gurugram. During that time, we’ve grown and evolved into a centre for technology innovation. In celebration, our people share their experiences working in the team.

Pankaj Raheja

I joined Macquarie in 2013 and currently work as a Developer focusing on the risk management system for Macquarie’s trading platform.

There are many reasons why I enjoy working at Macquarie: the people, across the whole global organisation, are all very talented, friendly, helpful and accessible. The systems we work with are cutting edge and the quality of work keeps me interested. The office facilities and location (the Gurugram office is located just next to the cyber hub) are also awesome.

There’s been quite a shift in the office culture since I joined. We’re now a lot more flexible when it comes to working from home, and this was something that started before COVID-19. We also have a lot more indoor facilities for recreational activities, such as table tennis and foosball.

Over the next couple of years, I’m looking forward to working on even more challenging and user-oriented projects.

Ragini Ajansondkar

I joined Macquarie in 2019, as part of the Gurugram Returnship Program, an initiative to support people re-entering the financial services sector after a career break. I’d been away from the workforce for five years and through the program, I secured a role as an Executive in the Technology team aligned to Banking and Financial Services. Through Macquarie’s internal mobility, I am now part of the Spectrum team in the asset finance division.

Macquarie has an inclusive culture where diversity of thought is welcomed. Our leadership team really makes sure everyone’s ideas are heard. Every win is celebrated, and I believe that motivates us to perform and grow even more.

The industry we work in has seen a lot of change over the last 10 years. Technology has developed rapidly meaning we need to continuously learn to stay relevant with the latest tech. Macquarie encourages and empowers its people to get trained, upskill and excel so that we can implement the best tech solutions. The diversity of our workforce is also changing positively, bringing in more diverse talent which helps drive high performance in a sustainable way.

The energetic and empathetic leadership is what makes me most excited about my continued journey with Macquarie.

Sumesh Gambhir

I joined Macquarie in 2012 as an Operations Manager for the regulatory reporting platform. During my time, I’ve held five very different roles, thanks to opportunities through Macquarie’s internal mobility.  

What I enjoy most about working at Macquarie is, without a doubt, the people. Everyone wants to contribute, collaborate and share their successes.  

Over the past 10 years, the Macquarie office in Gurugram has grown and changed, from initially being a centre primarily for operations and execution, to now be part of the planning and decision making.

I’m excited for the next few years at Macquarie as I greatly resonate with our purpose of ‘empowering people to innovate and invest for a better future’. I love that our purpose empowers me to invest in learning, innovation and trying new things. As a technologist, it gives me the space and enablement to get certified, keep up with technology and be more strategic in my approach. Everyone is learning and upskilling while delivering to the business outcomes.

Gopi Bahl

I joined Macquarie in 2011, as one of the first few people in the technology team in Gurugram and I’ve had quite the journey since then. I’ve had five very different leadership roles and today I lead our Banking and Financial Services Team in India. 

I love the variety in my role and that I can steer my career in a way that has kept me interested and motivated, trying out different things along the way. I lead Banking and Financial Services India as one cohesive unit, with the Business, Product and Technology teams under one umbrella and that adds a lot of value, impact, business context and synergy opportunities. I have a very vibrant, committed and enthusiastic team as well as stakeholders, which keeps me motivated.

I feel particularly enriched with the trust and opportunities I have received to make a difference beyond my day job. My engagement and initiatives with Women in Tech, community work with ASHA, being a Corporate Operations Group Culture Champion and supporting and working with other forms of I&D have always been supported by Macquarie. I love that I can bring my whole self to work!

Manish Desai

I joined Macquarie in 1997 as part of the Mortgages and Securitisation Technology team in Sydney, Australia. Over the following decade I went on to lead technology teams for different business units across Macquarie.   

In early 2011 a global mobility opportunity came up to relocate to Gurugram, India, to build and lead a new technology shared services team. We hired our first employees that year and have since built a talented team of 600+ technologists who support Macquarie globally. Later my role further expanded as Head of the Corporate Operations Group in India and since late 2019, I am also Head of the Gurugram office which covers other functions such as Finance, Risk and Asset Management.

It’s been great to be part of the journey over these last 10 years and see the changes that have taken place here in Gurugram. We now see greater diversity in our teams, and a bigger contribution to the organisation’s success as well as to the communities around us. 

Something that’s continuously stayed the same is the empowering culture, the spirit of collaboration and positive attitude. Macquarie really has an exceptional culture with high calibre people and the work we do offers the opportunity to make a difference. I am also proud of our community engagements in India and globally. 

As we move forward there will be continued opportunities for us to directly contribute to and influence the success of a wider organisation, particularly in the areas of digitalisation, innovation and transformation. 

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