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Macquarie Energy Leasing Limited launches OnStream Solar, a new rooftop solar business in Great Britain

London, 23 March 2023

  • OnStream Solar has been launched to provide renewable energy to industrial and commercial customers across Great Britain; offering a practical solution for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, while potentially saving on energy costs.


Macquarie Energy Leasing Limited has announced the launch of a new rooftop solar business in Great Britain, OnStream Solar. OnStream Solar will fund, install and maintain onsite rooftop solar PV systems and offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to commercial and industrial customers.

OnStream Solar seeks to accelerate the uptake of solar by commercial and industrial energy consumers across Great Britain by offering to install onsite projects at no upfront cost in exchange for a PPA.

This offers medium-to-large businesses a capital efficient way to save on their energy costs whilst directly reducing their carbon emissions and contributing towards their ESG goals. Thanks to strong cost declines over the last decade, rooftop solar typically enables consumers to reduce and stabilise their energy costs, especially in the current environment of high and often changing grid electricity prices.

OnStream Solar is able to support installations of all sizes and will initially be working with businesses operating in sectors such as cold storage, warehousing, logistics, data centres, manufacturing, food and beverage and retail and tourism.

Neil Denley, the Managing Director of Macquarie Energy Leasing Limited said: “As more businesses focus on rising costs, the challenges around the energy transition are shifting. The launch of OnStream Solar marks an important milestone in our ambition to create a leading commercial and industrial rooftop solar development platform. An agile, flexible, development-focused business, backed by the global expertise, resources and reach of Macquarie, OnStream Solar is the perfect vehicle to help businesses retain competitiveness whilst delivering on their sustainability ambitions.”

OnStream Solar builds on Macquarie Energy Leasing Limited’s two decades of experience and expertise working in the UK on behind-the-meter energy solutions and aims to offer a broad range of financial, environmental and operational benefits to its customers. Macquarie Energy Leasing Limited continues to support energy suppliers with the roll-out of smart meters as one of the largest independent investors in meters in Great Britain.1


About OnStream Solar

OnStream Solar has been established with a vision to deliver low-carbon energy solutions for Industrial and commercial customers. With a team of experienced energy specialists, Onstream Solar will take customers from concept to solution, reducing their carbon footprint and helping save on their energy costs with ongoing price certainty. OnStream Solar is a trading name used by Macquarie Energy Leasing Limited.

  1. As at 30 September 2022, not part of a distribution network or vertically integrated utility.

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