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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) NS 300

Asset ID: 204436

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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL)

NS 300

Wafer Scrubber

Etch/Clean - Wet Processing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2006

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Process: SCRUB

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Base System

Wafer Size: Comply with SEMI M1.15 300mm

Material: Silicon

Utility Outlet: Vertical downward

Chemical: None

Carrier Station Block

Carrier Stage Height: 900 mm (Comply with SEMI E15.1)

Wafer Transport Method: Robotics transport method (X, Y, Z, Theta)

Sensor Placement Sensor: Monitoring carrier to be set correctly.

Presence Sensor: Monitoring presence/absence of carrier on load port.

Mapping Sensor: Checking wafers position in carrier.

Wafer Out Sensor: Detecting wafers out from carrier.

Wafer Sensor: Detecting presence/absence of wafer on fork and also wafers out from fork.

Load Port Specifications: BOLTS/Light (Comply with SEMI E92)

Loader: FOUP-capable

Loadport Lockout Pin (SEMI E1.9): FEOL

Loadport Indicator: LED for displaying conditions installed for each load port. (Comply with customer request about Color/Location.)

Operator Access Switch: Operator access switch installed for each load port.

FOUP Type: 25 Wafers

Kinematic Coupling Pin (SEMI E57): TEL standard specification.

Independent Clamp: Carrier Fixing at Undock Position

Keyboard / Trackball: None

Fan Filter Unit (FFU): Fan filter unit is installed.



SEMI E84 Photo I/O Sensor: TEL provides connection ports for Photo I/O Sensor on the top of CSB. Customer provides Photo I/O Sensor.

ES Switch Terminal Block: Refer to Customer Special Specifications

Curtain Sensor: None

Carrier ID Reader: Capable of Carrier ID Reader

Preparation of ID Reader: Refer to Customer Special Specifications

Scrubber Process Station

Mechanical Chuck

*Wafer holdong method : 6 pins edge contact method

*Wafer fixing method : 3 points grip method

*Wafer sensor : Transmission sensor detects a wafer on the chuck and checks if the wafer is held horizontally.

*Backside liquid contact prevention : N2 purge on back side.

Rotation Speed: CH2-1,CH2-2 0, 10 to 3,000 rpm (1 rpm Increment) , CH2-3,CH2-4 0, 10 to 4,000 rpm (1 rpm Increment) 

Acceleration: 100 to 1,000 rpm (100 rpm/sec Increment)

Dual Band Monitoring for Rotation Rate:

Double Monitoring Function for Rotation Rate (Set in Recipe)

*Alarm rpm Bandwidth (Alarm Only) and Stop rpm Bandwidth (Station Process Stop)

*Alarm/Stop rpm Setting Range : +/- 0 to 1,000 rpm "

Process Recipes: 1000 Recipes (Total of spin stations)

Recipe Steps: 100 Steps

Process Time Setting: 0 to 999.9 sec/step (0.1 sec Increment)

Arm1: Brush (Automatic Brush Pressure Controller Function)

Arm2: Spray

Brush Type: PVA + PP

Rotation Speed: In process: 100rpm, Standby: 70rpm ,Spin direction control: None

Spray Nozzle Type: AS? (Atomized Spray ?)

Flow Ranges (N2): 20 ? 100 L/min(nor) (Recipe Control by MFC)

Basic Setting (D.I.W.): 0.2 L/min

Back Rinse Nozzle: None

Side Rinse Nozzle: 2 Nozzles

D.I.W. Retention Prevention: Slow leak in each nozzle standby

D.I.W. Filter: ABUZ0LEM1(0.05?m), Entegris

Rinse Nozzle Purge Method: Slow Leak Method

ULPA Filter: Installed onto the outlet air comes out.


Customer Power Supply Voltage: 208V

Type of Terminal for Main Breaker: round shape terminal

Cable Outlet (Primary-side): Rear

Cable Outlet (Secondary-side): Rear

Alarm Lamp

ALarm Lamp/Location: Present (1 piece: Location - Upper part of Carrier Station)

Lamp Type 1st one (From the top): Red

Lamp Type 2st one (From the top): Blue

Lamp Type 3st one (From the top): yellow

Lamp Type 4st one (From the top): Green


Online: Present

Online Communication Method: HSMS


CCD Camera: Present

Spinner Internal Lighting: Present

Drain: Direct Drain

Exhaust Monitor: Digital Manometer (0 ? 500 Pa)

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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The information referenced on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We do not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. Interested parties are encouraged to request inspection to verify equipment condition, configuration, and completeness. Any offer to purchase equipment shall be subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale.

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