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SPEC Wafer Plating

Asset ID: 9611

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Wafer Plating

ECD (Electro Chemical Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Manassas, United States

Available date: Currently Available

Tool layout(s): Left to Right, Reference SO 6262 with Chemical Cabinets supplied (Isoports on left front). Right to Left, Reference SO 6263 without Chemical Cabinets (Isoports on right front) - Qty 1
Hepa Filtration: Bottom removable: Fan powered - Qty 1
Bulkhead capable: Rear Service - Qty1
Exhaust:Adjustable Baffles - Qty 1
Drip Pans: Full under chemical modules: ramps between baths.- Qty 1
DI Hand Spray: Integrated bypass with quick disconnect -Qty 10
Transfer system: n/a
Automation: ALT Series Automation (Include the latest upgrade from IMFT tools.) - Qty 1
Speed: <= 6 seconds tank to tank - Qty 1
Carriers: Teflon - Qty 9 Ea
Station Control: n/a
PLC: SPEC Series 7 - Qty 1
Auto recover: Automatic recovery of wafers due to lockup or power fluctuation. - Qty 1
Touch screen: Dual one at load/unload, one at rear - Qty 1
Display: English - Qty 1
PC Host Interface: Wonderware intouch HMI (Include the latest upgrade from IMFT tools.) - Qty 1
Host requirements: Micron TAR ver 1.5 compliant. - Qty 1
Atotech Pd analyzer: Hardware and Software capability to interface - Qty 1
GUI interface: Windows 98
Upgrade to xP by Jan 2007 (Windows XP) - Qty 1
Binary Recipe Download: YES - Qty
Binary recipe format: Provided by supplier - Qty 1
> 10 GB log storage: Real time data acquisition of Analog/Digital I/O - Qty 1
USB Ports: Minimum of 2: Capable of recipe storage/transfer - Qty 1
Factory Interface:
Manufacture: Asyst Technologies - Qty 1
FOUP / Cassette - Part Number: Entegris F300 - Qty 1
Wafer Diameter: Wafer Diameter : 300 ± 0.25mm - Qty 1
Wafer Pitch: Half Pitch - Qty 1
Wafers Direction: Rear ? Front - Qty 1
Number of FOUP: 2 - Qty 1
Wafer Mapping capability: ASYST - Qty 1
AMHS: MTV: N/A. Lehi: OHT or manual delivery - Qty 1
Online: GEM 300 - Qty 1
Bottle Fed Chemicals - Qty 1
Bottle 1 Ronamerse SMT: 20 Liter - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 5 Everon BP Replenisher: 1 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 6 Everon BP Reducer: 1 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 4 Everon BP Accelerator: 1 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 3 NH4OH: 1 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 11 10% Pd/Cl: 1 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 2 & 7 20% H2SO4: 1 Gallon - Qty 2 Ea
Bottle 8 NaOH: 20 Liter (DOC2 change to 1 Gallon) - Qty 1 Ea
Bottle 10 & 14 Xenolyte Pd Makeup: 20 Liter - Qty 2 Ea
Bottle 9 & 13 Xenolyte Pd Reducer: 20 Liter - qty 2 Ea
Bottle 12 Xenolyte Pd Replenisher: 20 Liter - Qty 1 Ea
Level sensors: Low level (Use N2 for all level bubbler sensors.) - Qty 14 Ea
Distribution Manifold: n/a - Qty 14 Ea
Distribution Pump: Yamada - Qty 5
Spiking Pump: Iwaki - Qty 8
Spiking Pump Accelerator: Saint Gobain - Qty 1
Bulk Chemical Interface:
Line-1: MAE - Qty 1 Ea
Line-2: Nitric Acid - Qty 1 Ea
Line-3: H2SO4 - Qty 1 Ea
Line-4: DIW - Qty 1 Ea
Line-5: Hot DIW - Qty 1 Ea
Line-6: Chilled Water - Qty 1 Ea
Line-7: Chilled Water - Qty 1 Ea
External Exhausted Chemical dispense:
Included: Included in Left to Right Configuration
Drum 1: 55 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Drum 2: 55 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Drum 3: 55 Gallon - Qty 1 Ea
Level sensors: Low level - Qty 3 Ea
Distribution Manifold - Qty 3 Ea
Distribution Pump: White Knight
Nitric Acid Reservoir
Material: PVDF Construction - Qty 1 Ea
Pump: Yamada
Level Sensor: Overfill and low (Close to front of the tool location for easy maintenance access)
Drain: From Ni tank to reservoir: From Reservoir to Heavy Metal
Station 13: IPA Vapor Dry - Qty 1
Bath Name: IPA Vapor Dry
Material: 316 Stainless
Temperature Control: Heated (150C process capability)
Over Temp Protection: WATLOW
IPA autofill: Capable
Supply canister: 20 Liter with Q.D (not supplied by SPEC)
Aspirated Drain 10:1 (pump out): Solvent waste
Gravity: Solvent waste
Lid: I.W.
Station 12: Dry Product Transfer Stage Position - Qty 1
Bath Name: Dry Product Transfer (Drain for DIW)
Product detection Sensor: Yes
Chemical: No
Station 11: Quick Dump Rinse Bath - Qty 1
Bath Name: Quick Dump Rinse
Material: PVDF ( 4 Sided Non Sawto

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