Technology, vehicle and equipment finance

We can provide your business with options

For all your asset finance needs, we offer a comprehensive range of technology, vehicle and equipment loan, leasing and rental solutions.

Car and equipment finance solutions for your business


End-to-end finance solutions for a single vehicle to a full commercial fleet.

Plant and equipment

From yellow goods to factory machinery, we'll keep your business moving.


From mobile devices to large enterprise storage, we offer flexible technology solutions.

Medical equipment

We can help you acquire the most up to date medical equipment for your evolving business needs.

What can Macquarie offer your business?

Flexible terms and repayment structures

Structures to suit your small business

Talk to Macquarie to find out about our competitive rates and finance solutions with repayment terms and structures to suit your business.

Our products include: chattel mortgages, hire purchase agreements, finance leases, novated leases, equipment rentals, fleet leases and operating leases.

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Leaseback solutions

Stay up to date

If you have equity in your current technology infrastructure or hardware systems, you may be able to generate extra cash and other benefits through a sale-and-leaseback solution.

The opportunity to earn Qantas Business Rewards

Take out an eligible commercial finance agreement directly from Macquarie Leasing and you could earn one Qantas Business Rewards for every dollar financed (up to a maximum of $150,000).1

Convert Qantas Business Rewards into Qantas Points1 to redeem on flights and flight upgrades, hotels, shopping in the Qantas Store, and more.2

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Other ways Macquarie can help your business

Car buying service

For businesses and individuals, Macquarie Vehicle Select is the easy way to get the new car you want.

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Streamlined approval process

We also offer access to a streamlined, no-financials approval process for assets up to $100,000 over a number of our products if you meet our eligibility criteria.4

The option to pay with American Express

In a world-leading offering, you can make your repayments using your American Express®Card on a number of eligible Macquarie Leasing commercial finance agreements. You'll have more cash flow control and simplified accounting. Best of all, you could earn thousands of rewards points by simply making your finance repayments.5

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Energy efficient finance

Macquarie Leasing has entered into an arrangement with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to provide discounted financing rates for businesses and consumers who choose to finance qualifying energy efficient vehicles and equipment.

Customers who apply for qualifying assets, may be eligible for a discounted finance rate of up to 0.7 percent. There are various equipment classes that can qualify for the CEFC discounted finance, see below to learn which equipment classes may be eligible.

Speak to our specialists on 1800 100 152 to find out more about energy efficient finance and to ensure the new equipment you are considering qualifies for the discount.

The various equipment classes that qualify for the CEFC discounted finance may include:

  • Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and selected low CO2 emissions passenger vehicles*
  • Heavy Vehicles powered by an electric, hybrid or natural gas engine*
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Industrial refrigeration units and chillers
  • Rooftop Solar PV
  • Energy Storage (Batteries)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Building monitoring systems
  • Voltage optimisation assets

Please contact Macquarie Leasing to ensure that the new equipment you are considering qualifies for the discount.

Macquarie Leasing is committed to ensuring our customers can access the funding required to make their business or home more energy efficient. Macquarie will provide these discounts through selected introducer channels as well as our direct sales team. Should you wish to get a quote for finance, please contact us on 1800 100 152.

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