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As industry specialists, we take the time to understand your business and customise a solution to meet your needs.

Secured loans

Our secured loans are ideal for mergers and acquisitions, property purchases, succession planning, refinancing and other asset purchases. Choose from a fully drawn advance, a line of credit or a combination of both.

Features and benefits

  • Fully drawn advance
    Borrow a fixed amount of money and make scheduled predetermined repayments.
  • Line of credit
    Draw against a set amount of funds when you need it and only pay interest on what you use.
  • Flexible repayment options
    Choose from interest only or fixed principal and interest.
  • Diverse range of security options
    Including property, goodwill, debtors, rent rolls, strata rolls, work in progress or a combination of these.

Business overdraft

A bank overdraft is a line of credit that becomes available when you withdraw greater than the balance in your account. A Macquarie Business Overdraft can help you proactively manage your short-term cash flow fluctuations.

Features and benefits

  • Avoid overdrawn and dishonour fees
    Withdraw funds up to an approved overdraft limit.
  • Only pay for what you use
    Interest is only charged on the amount withdrawn from your overdraft.
  • Flexible repayment options
    No repayment schedule so you decide when you want to make a repayment.
  • Same-day access
    Convenient same-day access to funds when you’re a Macquarie client.

Property-backed loans

Borrow against the value of your residential or commercial property with property-backed loans that cater for both simple and complex borrowing structures. This can be used for a wide range of personal wealth creation and business growth activities.

Features and benefits

  • For personal wealth creation or business growth
    Fund the purchase of a commercial property, investment property or expand your business with a residentially secured loan.
  • Flexible repayment options
    Choose from interest only or principal and interest repayments.
  • Loan terms to suit you
    Residential property loan terms up to 30 years and commercial property loan terms up to five years.

Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee provides vendors with certainty of payment without having to pay them upfront. A Macquarie Standard Guarantee is available for when you’re not using cash as security or you need to guarantee more than $1 million, subject to credit approval.

Features and benefits

  • Improve your cash flow
    Meet contractual obligations while saving your cash for other purposes.
  • No maximum amount
    Our banking specialists will customise a guarantee that meets your requirements.
  • Diverse range of security options
    Including property, goodwill, debtors, rent rolls, strata rolls, work in progress or a combination of these.
  • Express service
    Our Express Bank Guarantee can process cash as security quicker, meaning you can turn your cash into opportunity sooner.


  • Business loans and property-backed loans typically have a minimum loan amount of $500,000.
  • Overdrafts have a minimum loan amount of $50,000.
  • Our loans are currently only available to businesses in select industries. Request a call to find out if we can help your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is different, so we can provide more information about interest rates once we understand your financial needs. If you’re a new customer, please request a call to find out how we could help you and your business.

If you’re an existing Macquarie Business Banking customer, please contact your relationship manager for a copy of our lending terms and conditions.

We currently specialise in the following industries: accounting, architecture, engineering, healthcare, insolvency, insurance, legal, real estate, strata management, surveying and technology.

At Macquarie we’re designed to be different. We work with businesses in industries where we have deep knowledge and experience as it allows us to tailor our services to meet their unique needs.

When you request a call, we’ll ask you a few questions so we can match you with the right industry specialist. They’ll get to know more about your business and your needs before taking you through a range of account, loan and payment solutions. You’ll then be able to compare your options and select the solution that’s right for you.

Switching banks can be a daunting task but we have a team dedicated to making it as simple as possible. They’re experienced in transitioning businesses of all sizes and stages in their lifecycle, including clients with complex banking arrangements.

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