Case study: finding a platform for growth

Case study

The brief

The Principal of a financial planning firm approached Macquarie seeking a review of their existing funding structure. The client wanted a new perspective on how they could finance their future growth ambitions. The business had been operating since the early 1970's. Over time, the banking structure had become cumbersome and combined with the acquisition of new businesses and properties – had resulted in a difficult loan structure. Despite the scale of the business, no one had taken the time to review whether their existing finance facilities were reflective of the business' growth strategy.

The challenge

During initial discussions with a dedicated Macquarie relationship manager, they recognised the current structure wasn't working for the business – it was restrictive, complex and expensive. There were potential business opportunities that the Principal could have taken advantage of, but they needed a financial platform for future growth. The Principal wanted better service levels and a bank to take the time to truly understand their business. And this was a major factor in the client's decision to refinance.

The Macquarie difference

The Macquarie relationship manager met with the Principal and the CFO of the business over several months to discuss the current financial position, objectives, client base and history. Macquarie then developed a tailored, detailed proposal based on the needs and goals of the business that would lead to long-term benefits for the business.

The client appreciated the level of effort the relationship manager expended to understand his business and Macquarie's commitment to the client's plans for growth.

The outcome

The client was immediately able to borrow funds to invest in another business and property, and clear some non-banking debt. However, what they really wanted was a better level of service. It's the beginning of a strong long-term relationship that will support the client through any future challenges and give them a viable financial platform for future growth.