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Macquarie Business Banking for strata managers

With over 30 years of experience and consistent, exceptional service, we provide strata managers and their businesses customised banking solutions.

Business and cashflow lending

Flexible options to borrow against the value of your business and personal income, for working capital, business, property and other asset purchases.

Property lending

Solutions for your property lending needs.

Transactional banking

Transactional banking to meet the day-to-day requirements of your business.

Asset and equipment finance

Asset and equipment solutions for your business, to assist with cash flow management.

What would the repayments be on a strata loan of with lots?

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Total cost:


lending_macquarie_base_rate 9.75
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_ref_gt1500k 6.94% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_ref_gt1000k 7.65% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_ref_gt500k 7.90% pa

8.30% pa

lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_ref_gt100k 8.70% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_ref_lt100k 10.75% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_comp_gt1500k 8.37% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_comp_gt1000k 9.09% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_comp_gt500k 9.34% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_comp_gt250k 9.75% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_rate_comp_gt100k 10.16% pa
lending_macquarie_bank_base_cop_ref_lt100k 12.24% pa

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