Are you a high performance organisation?

The approach

People who work in organisations that foster a culture of high performance feel proud, valued, optimistic, and cheerful. But does high performance measure up?^


Higher revenue growth


Higher return on investment

Employee engagement


Building a high performance organisation

Applying our high performance framework is something any business can do and requires mindful change and committed leadership. Our model features six key elements.

Hold the organisation together

1. Strategy — when organisations align their strategic intent and their culture, they outperform on every financial performance metric.

2. External focus — as Jack Welch - former Chairman and CEO of General Electric - once said, if the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.

3. Leadership — this is not only about the quality of management – it's leadership behaviour throughout the business.

Support every decision and activity

4. People — high performing individuals, teams and leaders bring this framework to life.

5. Environment — both the physical tools of trade (technology and workflow processes, for example) and the intangible environment (how decisions are made and voices are heard, for example).

6. Culture — no matter how good a strategy is, culture will resist if it’s not aligned. Re-setting your culture means looking at behaviour, symbols, rituals and stories.

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