Goodbye cheques, hello DEFT Auction Pay!

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What makes DEFT Auction Pay so great?

Easy and flexible

No need to increase bank transfer limits – if the buyer has the funds in their account, the payment can be made.

Instant receipt

Agents and buyers receive an immediate payment confirmation email for peace of mind.

Easy reconciliation

Accounts teams don’t need to wait for sales information to be provided by agents – they’ll receive an email receipt.


No need to share sales trust account details or rely on screenshots as proof of payment.

How does DEFT Auction Pay work?

  1. The sales agent enters the unique DEFT reference number, property address, sale price and deposit amount.
  2. The buyer then enters their bank details, email address and approves the payment.
  3. A confirmation receipt is emailed to the buyer and agent, and payment is processed into the trust account.

It's as simple as that. No more cheques - and no more paper.

What do I need on the day?

When DEFT Auction Pay puts the winning bid in your hands, it’s what you don’t need that counts. No more bank cheques for a potentially unknown deposit amount. Instead, you only need a few things on the day.

Agents need:

  • tablet or mobile with internet connection (iOS, Windows or Android compatible)
  • DEFT reference number/s (DRN).

Buyers need:

  • funds available in a nominated bank account(s) that allow direct debit withdrawals
  • BSB and account numbers
  • a valid email address.

How can I start using DEFT Auction Pay?

All you need is a sales trust account with Macquarie. This enables access to DEFT – our secure, trusted payments platform – so you can get started with DEFT Auction Pay straight away.

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