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Executive Summary

The real estate landscape is shifting. How are businesses positioning themselves for the future?

2017 was a buoyant year for commercial property agencies, with the majority of survey respondents reporting higher revenues and profits, underpinned by organic growth in property management fees.

While that's a strong story, there's a risk that agencies could be overlooking opportunities to evolve for a changing market, potentially leaving them vulnerable if the property cycle turns.

Property Management

The industry stabiliser

38% of those whose revenue grew attributed growth to property management fees


The industry's confidence in property management has intensified over the past five years - both as a reliable cash stream and as a source for new sales and leasing opportunities.

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The key

70% of respondents said that maintaining and developing relationships with clients had the greatest impact on profitability


Commercial property has always been a relationship business, with the most successful agencies strongly focused on finding, motivating, developing and rewarding highly capable teams.

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Building a business of future prosperity

41% believe they should be doing more to embrace technology


Many agencies acknowledge their industry is set to be transformed by disruptive technologies, with a small number building the systems that will underpin their future.

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