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Financing your client's business for growth.

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Macquarie offering

Loans to grow your client's business

We understand that every client is different and that some loans need to be structured to suit their needs. Whether your client’s goal is to grow their business, invest or expand, we want to help you deliver the right solutions for your clients.

Competitive rates

A range of rates to suit their business. Speak to your Macquarie broker BDM for further information.


We provide flexible lending solutions with the option of utilising both business and personal servicing.

Various repayment options

Various repayment terms including principal and interest, interest only, and fixed principal plus interest.

Tailored banking solutions

We can help you assist clients with lending solutions for mergers and acquisitions, refinancing, succession planning, buying their own business premises or upgrading for a refit.

Forms and guides

Commercial Broker Toolkit

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National Sales Manager

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New South Wales BDM

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New South Wales BDM

Kevin Treanor

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Queensland BDM

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South Australia BDM

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Victoria BDM

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