Reinvent your real estate business

Let us help you transform the way you organise and use your financial data.

Compare your real estate business

Macquarie Business Intelligence allows real estate businesses to compare their monthly financial information via our online platform. Profit and loss data is loaded and visually represented so you get an immediate and complete understanding of your bottom line.

Using the industry benchmark a clear comparison is provided against your peers, giving you a complete oversight of where your business sits in the market. Additionally, you can quickly identify performing and underperforming aspects of your operation and gain invaluable information that will help your business become more efficient and profitable.

See how Macquarie Business Intelligence can transform your business: Financial information in one place |  Monthly benchmarking data | Receive insights

See all your financial information in one place

  • Convert your financial data into an insightful graphics or table view
  • Drill into your profit and loss to understand how your business is performing.

View monthly benchmarking data

  • Quickly identify your performing and underperforming areas in the business 
  • Compare your business’s financial performance against your industry peers
  • Recognise trends and how they can affect your business.

Receive quarterly industry insights

  • Gain deeper insights into best practice in the real estate industry
  • Benefit from a variety of perspectives from our team of industry experts to property research.


We've invested in leading online security to ensure your information is safe and secure.


Your data will remain private and will not be accessed by third parties.


Our real estate team is here to help you assess your business to drive efficiencies, performance and profit.

Here’s how it works

Step 1 – Apply now

  • Download your profit and lost statement, broken down by month in excel from your property management software 
  • Complete the online application form and upload your profit and loss statement.

Step 2 – Login

  • You will receive your login details via email
  • You will be prompted when your financial information is ready to view.

Step 3 – Monthly performance

  • Going forward you will be prompted each month to provide your current profit and loss statement.

View our FAQs for further information.