Business trends for 2015


Thursday 01 December 2016

Macquarie takes a look at 5 emerging business trends for 2015

The world of business moves fast. And making sure you are 'up-to-date' or even 'ahead of the game' can be a job in itself. Being aware of emerging trends across the business landscape is vital to ensuring you can adapt and adopt – and stay in front of your competition.

Enhancing the worker experience

Attracting and retaining the best staff will require businesses to look at providing a first-class working experience. This could involve creating a work culture that is positive, rewarding, collaborative and sufficiently flexible to deliver work/life balance.

"We see that the best candidates value the challenge and impact of their work more than ever. To attract them, you need to show that your workplace culture offers an environment for them to thrive. And that means empowering them with the necessary resources, skills and autonomy," says Chris Sandham, Managing Director of recruitment company M&T Resources.

Successful businesses are building brands, reputations and client bases via topical, engaging, expert content that reaches out and speaks to its audience at the right time and in the right places across multiple channels.

The sales team

Sales teams have evolved, and in 2015 are becoming increasingly focussed on expert product knowledge, a wealth of industry wisdom and a mission to provide clients with timely solutions and on-going support.

"Our clients tell us they want to deal with those who bring expertise, insights and quality answers to the table. It's all about building relationships based on respect, trust, fulfilled needs and providing superior service." says David Gonano, National Head of Sales for Macquarie Business Banking.

The rise and rise of content marketing

Seamlessly integrated, multi-channel content marketing is expected to continue to be one of the most commercially significant digital marketing trends. Content marketing is becoming increasingly strategic, targeted and of higher value.

Successful marketers are building brands, reputations and client bases via topical, engaging, expert content that reaches out and speaks to its audience at the right time and in the right places across multiple channels.

"Context is the kingmaker and as such trends like newsjacking are proving popular with content marketers this year – ride the wave of interest already in market and your promotional dollars will go a lot further," says Kate Gamble, Head of Product Content Marketing and Director at Resolution Media.

"Gone are the days of 'build it and they will come' – companies need to reach out and find these people in synergistic addressable communities and encourage them through the door."

Computing everywhere

Wearable technology, smart phones and other mobile devices, known as endpoints, will connect screens in a raft of new contexts and environments, including workplaces and public places.

The trend for computing everywhere for business purposes is expected to increase this year, with the aim being to ramp up mobility for workers in order to boost efficiency, agility, responsiveness and flexibility.

Enterprise IT will be kept busy this year, ensuring end point devices work together and create a positive user experience.

Transparency in marketing

Transparency will become even more important in advertising campaigns and content marketing.

Stories need to be authentic, real and balanced, outlining what companies are doing for their customers. Moreover, there is now a multitude of cost-effective and, in some cases, free channels to get your story out there, with consumers empowered to come on board and help distribute your messages and content for you. They may even become an integral part of your brand's story via their feedback, reviews, endorsements, online networking and sharing their experiences with your product or service. This is great news for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

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