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Business banking account and payment solutions

At Macquarie we have the business banking account and payment solutions to suit your needs.

From industry-specific accounts, to 24 hour access with Macquarie’s online banking platform, Active Banking, we’ve got the solutions to help your business grow.

Business banking:
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Business banking accounts

Our accounts are specially tailored to suit your business needs.

Choose from a day-to-day cheque account, or our specialist trust or investment accounts to get more from your cash.

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Cheque accounts

Get secure and convenient access to your funds when you need it.

Trust accounts

Basic and regulated trust account solutions.

Investment accounts

Access a range of options to help you get more from your cash.

Guarantees and bonds

A fast and simple way to meet your bond and guarantee requirements.

What can Macquarie offer your business?

When you are a Macquarie client, you can open the accounts that you need quickly and conveniently online.1

You can access multiple accounts with one signing authority and make deposits and withdrawals electronically to speed up administration.

Plus you can view all account details online to answer client queries faster.

We have a history of providing specialised banking solutions for a number of industries.

Our knowledge of trust account legislation and state regulatory body requirements can help you meet your obligations when you establish or transition trust accounts.

Get access to a team of professionals specialising in deposit services.

A dedicated relationship manager will oversee all your banking needs and can even action your account opening requests the same day.2

Our banking solutions are easily integrated into leading business management and accounting software. Plus with Active Banking you can download files straight into your business management software.3

The Australian Government guarantees aggregated deposit with Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions, including Macquarie Bank, of up to $A250,000.7

Indicative base deposit rates effective 4 October 2019 .4

Every business is different, so we advise rates once we understand your financial needs.

Request a call to find out what rates are available to you.

Macquarie Express Guarantee

AmountInterest rate
$0.01 to $49,999.99 0.00 % pa
$50,000.00 and over 0.00 % pa

Is this the right solution for your business?

If you are looking to open a new business banking account, or would like a better deal for your existing business accounts, we can help.

To find out how our expertise can be better for your business, contact a Macquarie relationship manager today.

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Business banking payments

Macquarie business banking payment solutions provide a reliable and secure way for your business to make and receive payments – online, individually or as batch payments.

Simplify and streamline your payment processes to save time and money.

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Make payments

More ways to pay – securely and electronically.

Receive payments

Streamline your back-office processes with DEFT's convenient payment options.

Merchant services

The convenience to accept payments online or through office terminals.6

Easy to switch

Our dedicated transition team is ready to help you make the switch.

What can Macquarie offer your business?

Our processes can be integrated to your business management software to allow for a seamless reconciliation of payments. This can save you time and effort.

The three-way seamless reconciliation process:

  1. payment file reconciles to bank account
  2. payment file reconciles to business management software
  3. business management software reconciles to bank account.

Your customers have more ways to pay with DEFT.


  • online or via your smart phone with all major credit cards
  • by phone
  • by direct debit
  • via BPAY® from a cheque or savings account
  • at Australia Post using cash, cheque or EFTPOS
  • using a locked bag for mailed payments by cheque.

Visit the DEFT website. 

Payments are processed by Macquarie and consolidated into one transaction file.

Simply download your transaction file through Active Banking or our direct download service and your payments will be automatically receipted and reconciled into your system.3

Helps to eliminate keystroke error and internal fraud.

Benefit from next day settlement of funds directly into your Macquarie account.

Funds received via direct debit and cheque cannot be disbursed until payment has been cleared in 2-3 days.

Whether it's a business or personal transaction, you can convert your money into 50+ currencies quickly and securely. Find out more about international money transfers, powered by OFX.

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Is this the right solution for your business?

We provide solutions for businesses looking for more efficient payment processes.

Whether you are looking for an easier way to receive payments – in your office, online or are simply looking for a way to automate your payment process with your business management software, we can help.

To find out how our expertise and business solutions can be better for your business, contact a Macquarie relationship manager today.

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