Promoting efficient practices

Expert support

Our experienced teams offer financial professionals an outstanding level of service. No matter what stage of the business growth cycle you're at or what issues you're facing, our specialist support teams tailor their knowledge to help you get the best possible outcome.

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Business development

Our business development managers are professional, knowledgeable and proactive in their approach to helping your business grow. They use their specialist experience to help practice owners access Macquarie’s knowledge and expertise to achieve their business objectives.

Training and relationship management

Our experienced training and relationship management team deliver a unique service proposition that offers tailored support to integrate the Macquarie suite of products into your back office. They do this by working with you to understand the operational demands of your business and delivering exceptional service and support to help you stay up-to-date with any developments that will help you better service your clients and grow your business.

Practical phone support

When you need practical support, our professional, qualified and locally-based customer service representatives will help guide you to a great outcome. Their understanding of the needs of financial services businesses as well as their broad knowledge of Macquarie's offerings means you can be confident of getting the help you need.

Technical knowledge

Our technical team helps you provide quality advice by sharing their deep technical knowledge and expertise. They do this by providing technical solutions and strategies through workshops, email updates, online publications and apps. They also keep you up-to-date with relevant news, analysis and legislative developments.

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Models, apps and online tools

Models and applications that give you all the latest technical information interactively and at your fingertips, including our highly-rated Little Black Book app and smart calculators that let you model various scenarios so that you can develop the most effective strategies for your clients.

News and updates

We keep you up-to-date with recent policy, legislative and regulatory developments, so you can be confident your planning strategies remain current.

Commentaries, guides and resources

Analytical and strategic commentaries, guides and other resources to help you navigate technical topics, including contribution caps, insurance and superannuation death benefits.

Accelerated growth

Macquarie specialises in helping successful, boutique financial services businesses become more successful. One way we do this is by providing access to insights, experience and networks that challenge prevailing attitudes within your business and open new pathways to growth.

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Business banking

Macquarie's flexible lending, leasing and banking solutions can help you take your practice further, sooner. That’s because we work hard to understand both your business and your strategy and then tailor a solution specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Macquarie's industry benchmarking gives practice owners an opportunity to compare their business to its peers. It does this by collating key productivity measures and performance indicators for a range of advice businesses, including advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants and risk specialists. Then it taps into the breadth and depth of Macquarie's experience to provide insights and analysis on the drivers of success.

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Guidance for growth

We support high-calibre, independent practice owners to help them overcome growing pains and build solid business foundations. We help them tap into the combined knowledge of our network, enabling them to clarify their goals, refine their processes and reach the next level of their business' development.

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Residential lending solutions

We operate a simple and transparent referral model that enables you to easily and efficiently manage your clients’ borrowing needs, while still maintaining control of your client relationships. Your clients will have access to Macquarie’s full range of competitive residential home loans and banking specialists to ensure their unique borrowing needs are fulfilled.

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Immediate opportunities

Spot and refer your clients with no need to provide credit advice and access lending services in an instant.

Stronger relationships

By offering lending services as part of your everyday business, strengthen your client engagement for lasting relationships.

Not just home loans

You can offer your clients our full suite of products including our award winning Macquarie Transaction Account, credit cards and home loans.

Little Black Book

Our app gives you all the essentials for running a financial services business, including calculators, news and information.

Find out how we can help

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