The full-service investment platform

Macquarie Wrap is the platform that gives you visibility, flexibility and control of your clients' investments.


Streamlined processes enable business scalability


Helping you meet your clients' investment needs


Supporting your business model and fee options

Macquarie Wrap was established in 1999 and provides a robust framework for you to manage a broad range of your clients’ investments.

Macquarie Wrap improves your administration flexibility and efficiency, giving your clients cash flow visibility and the ability to quickly execute investment decisions.

With Macquarie Wrap, you experience increased administration flexibility and portability, which is especially important for tax considerations.

You have visibility and control over a broad range of your clients’ overall investments, including managed funds, domestic and international securities, direct fixed income, separately managed accounts and cash exposure.

Your clients can give Wrap access to another authorised third party, such as their accountant.

Macquarie Wrap can help reduce your cost of servicing clients, enabling excellence in execution and higher client satisfaction.

The Macquarie Wrap Consolidator series is for investors who want a flexible solution to build on their investments with reporting, access, portability and investment options – so your clients have a greater choice of investments and portability suited to their individual needs.

Macquarie Wrap Consolidator:

  • requires a minimum balance of $20,000 (or $50,000 for Pension Consolidator)
  • has portfolio-based fees (tiered)
  • offers a choice of over 600 funds
  • includes separately managed accounts, Australian and international listed securities, domestic fixed income, multiple term deposit providers and relationship pricing for multiple accounts.

The series comprises three accounts:

  • Macquarie Wrap Investment Consolidator
  • Macquarie Wrap Super Consolidator
  • Macquarie Wrap Pension Consolidator

The fee structure of the Macquarie Wrap Manager series encourages your clients to consolidate more investments and holdings into their account – so they get better value and you get greater visibility.

Macquarie Wrap Manager:

  • requires a minimum balance of $20,000 (or $50,000 for the Pension Manager)
  • has holding-based fees
  • offers a choice of over 600 funds
  • includes separately managed accounts, Australian and international listed securities, domestic fixed interest and multiple term deposit providers.

The series comprises three accounts:

  • Macquarie Wrap Investment Manager
  • Macquarie Wrap Superannuation Manager
  • Macquarie Wrap Pension Manager

The Macquarie Wrap Accumulator series is for investors who want investment choice, access to consolidated information and portability on their investment portfolio – all in one convenient package.

Macquarie Wrap Accumulator:

  • requires a minimum balance of $5,000 (or $2,000 with regular contributions)
  • has flat fees
  • offers a choice of over 200 funds

The series comprises two accounts:

  • Macquarie Wrap Investment Accumulator
  • Macquarie Wrap Superannuation Accumulator


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Wrap tax

All your tax resources.

Macquarie has a free-standing tax resources toolkit that can be accessed by anyone who uses Wrap Tax reports.

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All your disclosure resources.

Find your Macquarie Wrap product disclosure links, documents and resources all in one place.

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Technical information in the palm of your hand

Our Little Black Book lets you access technical information and expertise, without having to search the web for industry facts and figures.

Macquarie Wrap explained

We want to make it easier for you to explain what wrap is, so we’ve created an online resource for you to use with your clients. There’s a video you can share as well.

We hope these resources help to educate your clients on the (sometimes confusing) topic of wrap platforms.

Together we continue to provide award-winning service

Our platform was rated number one by our clients in both the CoreData SMSF and Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction awards for 2017. We’re proud to hear our clients are satisfied with the way we’re helping them to manage and grow their super for the future. Thank you for your continued support.

Roy Morgan customer satisfaction award

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