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With managed funds from Macquarie, you can help your clients gain exposure to Australian and international shares, fixed income, infrastructure securities and alternatives.

Finding opportunities that matter for clients

Macquarie Investment Management

A global asset manager with offices throughout Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia, we prioritise autonomy and accountability at the team level in pursuit of opportunities that matter for clients. Our conviction-based, long-term approach to investing has led clients to entrust us to manage more than $300 billion1. In Australia we offer both Macquarie strategies and those managed by other world-class investment managers through the Macquarie Professional Series.

Macquarie Professional Series

We search the world to uncover differentiated investment solutions, enabling local investors to access strategies from world-class fund managers. We leverage our insights into the local investment landscape, seeking to anticipate investment needs and identify relevant opportunities currently overlooked in the market.

We currently offer strategies from Analytic Investors LLC, Arrowstreet Capital, Independent Franchise Partners, Informed Portfolio Management (IPM), P/E Global LLC (P/E), Polaris Capital Management LLC, Walter Scott & Partners and Winton Capital Management.

About international shares

Most of the world's largest and most successful companies list on exchanges outside Australia. Also Asia's emerging markets provide exciting growth opportunities. We've searched the world for the most outstanding investment managers who can help your clients tap into the most exciting investment opportunities, wherever they may be.

About fixed income

Fixed income investments, such as government and corporate bonds, can provide regular income and capital growth for your clients and can help mitigate the risk of investing too heavily in one asset class. Macquarie has over 30 years of fixed income experience and can offer your clients some of what we believe are the best opportunities from around the world.

About liquid alternatives

Liquid alternative solutions offer the potential for strong long-term returns, and diversification benefits with low correlation to traditional asset classes. See our solutions below, or click here to download the ‘Guide to Liquid Alternatives’ produced by Financial Standard, and sponsored by Macquarie Investment Management.

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