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1 in 3 SMSFs1 use the Macquarie CMA to manage their cashflow with confidence.

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Macquarie Cash Management Account

Award-winning functionality to enable control, transparency and speed

SMSF Awards 2017 & 2018 Cash and Term Deposits SMSF Adviser and SMSF Member Winner SMSF Awards 2017 Cash and Term Deposits SMSF Adviser and SMSF Member Winner
SMSF Awards 2017 & 2018 Cash and Term Deposits SMSF Adviser and SMSF Member Winner

Purpose built for advisers

Innovative functionality such as adviser-initiated payments and our mobile banking app that streamlines processes and gives you more time with your clients.

Smarter stockbroking

Be ready to act on market opportunities at scale with adviser-initiated payments, automated settlements and easy tracking of transactions and dividends.

A favourite among SMSFs

The chosen hub for 1 in 3 SMSFs1. Year after year, we’ve been awarded best cash and term deposits by Core Data SMSF awards and SMSF Adviser SMSF awards.

Government guarantee

The Australian Government guarantees aggregated deposits of up to A$250,0001 with Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions.

Visibility and control

Easy online access gives your clients a comprehensive view of their investments. This can also be done through our award-winning mobile banking app.

Data feed integration

Connected to more than 70 platforms, with ten years of statements available to help inform financial decisions and manage CGT.

The Macquarie difference

Why choose the Macquarie Cash Management Account?

Managing investments

Control your clients' cashflow

Effortlessly manage and track the movement of money in and out of your clients’ CMAs, with the option to add detailed narratives to help you keep comprehensive transaction records.

SMSF connectivity

Simplify SMSF reporting

Our CMA is the chosen cash hub for 1 in 3 self-managed super funds (SMSFs)1. It can help you streamline your clients’ super fund accounting, tax returns and end-of-year reporting.

Online trading

Seamless integration

The Macquarie CMA links seamlessly with Macquarie Online Trading, so your clients can have fast access to their funds to immediately act on trading opportunities.

Product information

Interest on the CMA is calculated using stepped interest rates, which means that account holders are paid a different interest rate for different portions of their balance.

Balance portionCash Management Account
interest rate (pa)^
Cash Management Accelerator Account
interest rate (pa)^
Interest rate
0.00% pa
Interest rate
1.15% pa
$5,000 +
Interest rate
0.55% pa
Interest rate

^ Interest rates effective from 4 October 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

For the interest rates applicable to your client, please contact us or check your client’s statement.

For the interest rates that apply to cash accounts linked to wrap, please visit the wrap page.

Interest on cash accounts linked to wrap are calculated differently. However, clients who close their wrap account but decide to keep their CMA will, at that point, then be subject to the stepped interest rates listed above.

What will it take to thrive in a changing environment?

2018 Accounting and Financial Services Benchmarking results.

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