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Thursday 19 December 2019

Using your expertise to choose or review your client’s asset allocation will often be the most important decision that you make for them. While investor cash allocations may be declining, there’s still a demand for competitive rates and an opportunity for you to help make your client’s cash work harder for them.

Once you’ve determined the percentage of your client’s portfolio to allocate to cash, the next step is deciding what type of cash investment, or mix, to use. With at-call cash options, high-interest savings and term deposits available, this isn’t always a simple choice.

In this article we explore how our Macquarie Term Deposit can be the right cash option for both you and your clients.

Invest with confidence

Cash is, and always will be, a crucial part of any well-constructed portfolio. If you’ve decided to include a term deposit as part of your client’s cash allocation, it’s important you invest in one that’s right for both of you.

Account opening and maturity elections should be flexible, easy and available online. Rates should be competitive and fees minimal. Our term deposits offer this and more, including choice in how often interest payments are received and a range of investment terms. These features mean our term deposit can align to a range of investment strategies.

Macquarie Term Deposit benefits

Your time is important and you should be spending less of it on admin and more on building client relationships and growing your business. That’s why we’ve created a fast-tracked, easy application process.

Investing on your client's behalf is made easy through their Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA). If your client appoints you with Limited Third Party Authority on their CMA, you can open and fund a term deposit online without additional approval from them.

Once a term deposit is set up, both you and your client can view and manage it online through our award-winning* banking app and online portal, along with their linked CMA.

Some other fantastic benefits using our Macquarie Term Deposits provide are:

  • competitive interest rates
  • flexible interest payment options and maturity elections
  • no upfront or ongoing fees
  • seamless connection to our CMA allowing for simple tax reporting.

SMSF connectivity

A strong investment portfolio has diverse asset allocation and considers your client’s risk appetite. Term deposits continue to be a popular cash allocation choice with SMSFs and adding a Macquarie Term Deposit to your client’s SMSF portfolio can help meet their investment portfolio needs while offering simple data feed solutions.

This data feed solution, paired with our CMA, can help to simplify your clients’ SMSF accounting, tax returns and end-of-year financial reporting.

We're here to support you

With specialist staff who provide efficient, friendly service and detailed product knowledge, you can have confidence that you’ll get the support you need.

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