Wrap accounts, new reporting and Account Dashboard view

07 Nov 2019

You can now view all your clients’ cash and wrap accounts in the one place.

In April this year, we launched Adviser Online to view and manage your clients’ cash accounts. This was just the start of improvements to your online experience, with the aim to create a single online hub for all your client and account related tasks.

As the next key phase of this online transformation, Wrap accounts are now available for you and your staff in Adviser Online.

View Wrap accounts in Adviser Online today

Simply log in to Adviser Online via macquarie.com to view all your clients’ accounts in the one place, and benefit from new reporting options and new dashboard tools.

What’s new?

An Account Dashboard which provides a snapshot of your client’s wrap account, including asset allocation, portfolio totals and balance history.

Get a snapshot of your wrap asset allocation with the Portfolio Valuation now available in Adviser Online.

You can also view account details and investment transactions for your client’s wrap account in Adviser Online.

Refreshed every 20 minutes, your ASX listed security values now reflects intra day market activity.

Some reports can be downloaded as Comma Separated Value (.csv) files. If you prefer to print the report, you can do this in Adviser Online by selecting the print icon in the top right of the reporting screen.

A dashboard you can depend on

The Account Dashboard view gives you a glimpse of your clients’ wrap account. Highlighting the important information, you’ll see things like asset allocation, portfolio totals and balance history without having to dive too deep into the portal.

You can also get a snapshot of your client’s wrap account asset allocation using the new portfolio valuation report. You can find this report feature two ways by:

  • clicking into your client’s Account Dashboard or Portfolio Valuation tab from the side navigation panel by 'Clients' > 'Accounts' > then selecting your certain client.
  • using the Global Search Bar to select your client and seeing their Portfolio Valuation in the Account Dashboard or Portfolio Valuation tab.

For a more detailed view of your client’s wrap account asset allocation, the Portfolio Review Report is also available. You can access this report by navigating to a client’s wrap account and selecting ‘Portfolio review’ from the top navigation menu.

Investment data in real-time

Previously your client’s account data was based on information pulled from the previous day’s close of business. Refreshed every 20 minutes, your ASX listed security values now reflects intra day market activity. This’ll enable you to communicate results and report more accurately on your client’s wrap account investments.

A phased approach to a more intuitive portal

Adviser Online has been designed with you in mind, to bring you a more personalised and intuitive website that’s smarter, easier to navigate and in tune with how you manage your clients every day.

Please note as we transform your online experience and move to a single portal, you may need to click back to the old Wrap Online adviser portal for certain functions.

If you do need to click back to Wrap Online, you won’t be asked to log in again.

Need help?

If you’d like further support or training on Adviser Online, please register for one of our webinars below or speak to your relationship manager.

Session 1: Friday, November 8, 2019 at 2pm (Sydney, GMT+11:00)
Register here

Session 2: Monday, November 11, 2019 at 2pm (Sydney, GMT+11:00)
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