Read about recent updates in the May Digital Download

27 May 2019

Read about recent updates to our wrap, CMA and Macquarie Online Trading platform.


Macquarie's wealth platform evolution - so you can focus on what's important, your clients

We’ve invested in a multi-year Wealth Platform evolution to refresh our adviser and client user experience and build a future-proof wealth platform designed to enable innovation and create exceptional experiences.

We launched the first part of our evolution - the client portal and mobile app - last year. Over the next 12 months, you'll be seeing more examples of how our refreshed platform will come to life for you and your clients.

Watch our video to learn more.

We're listening to your feedback on Adviser Online

Your new Adviser Online portal went live in April to make managing your clients easier. Since then, we’ve made changes to Adviser Online based on your valuable feedback on what you like and what could be improved. These changes include:

  • a new location for 'Manage payments' icon to make it quicker to access
  • the 'Go-to' menu will only show items that are relevant to you.

For the full list of updates we’ve made for you, read our article.

Your feedback helps drive our decisions on how to improve the online experience for you. If you have any comments on Adviser Online, please share it with us via the portal by selecting ‘Feedback’ from the main menu or by speaking to your relationship manager.

The client portal is easier than ever for your clients to use

We’re making regular updates to the portal your clients use to ensure the online experience is as simple and intuitive as it can be.

In response to feedback, the portal will now appear full width across screens. This means more space for the data and capabilities that your clients need, like generating account statements.

We’ve also simplified the navigation menu to display the most popular items. We’ve hidden the navigation menu behind a ‘hamburger’ icon as well, and clients can simply hover on it to expand the options.

We’ll continue to listen to client feedback and make improvements to the portal they use. If your clients aren’t online yet or using our portal or app, we encourage you to try get them online. It’s now more intuitive than ever to view account information and perform everyday banking tasks.

Greater investment choice for wholesale clients

We know how important investment choice is, so we're pleased to announce that IM Funds (Managed funds issued via an information memorandum) are now available for wholesale clients through Investment Manager and Investment Consolidator.

Read our article to find out if you can invest in IM funds on behalf of your clients.

With more investment options available, your wholesale clients can access a more diverse investment portfolio through the one platform.

Enhanced Portfolio Review Report (PRR) for accounts with SMA holdings

We’ve enhanced the portfolio review report on Wrap Online to show the security performance for the SMA listed in the report.

We’ve also enhanced the report to include the pending settlements of the underlying assets of the SMA. This means the Opening and Closing Market Values will now be consistent across different sections of the report.

Choose from one of the largest investment menus in the industry

Your choice of funds and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New funds
Ausbil Investment Management Limited Ausbil Mackay Shields Unconstrained Bond Fund (AAP0020AU)**
BNP Paribas Asset Management BNP Paribas Environmental Equity Trust (ETL8171AU)**
RWC Fund Investment Manager CC RWC Global Emerging Markets Fund (CHN8850AU)*
DDH Graham Ltd CC DDH Preferred Income Fund (DDH0001AU)**
GCI Australian Capital Stable Fund (DDH8305AU)**

Dimensional Fund Advisors Australia Ltd

CC Dimensional World Allocation 30/70 Trust (DFA8313AU)**
Dimensional Australian Sustainability Trust (DFA2068AU)**

Watermark Funds Management CC Watermark Absolute Return Fund (ETL8732AU)**

**IDPS and Super/Pension
*IDPS only

New SMAs
Evergreen Fund Managers Pty Ltd

Core Premium Series 40 (SMAEVE13S)
Core Premium Series 60 (SMAEVE14S)
Core Premium Series 80 (SMAEVE15S)
DB Australian Growth (SMAEVE16S)
DB Defensive (SMAEVE17S)
DB Global Growth (SMAEVE18S)
DJT Wealth Defensive (SMAEVE19S)
DJT Wealth Growth (SMAEVE20S)


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