Read about recent updates in the July Digital Download

Read about recent updates to our wrap, CMA and Macquarie Online Trading platform.

A smoother transaction history view for your clients

We’ve made some improvements to the design and user experience of the transaction history in the Client Portal. What’s changed?

  • Clients can now choose to view their transaction amounts as either a single column or split into debit or credit.
  • There's a new infinite scroll feature to make it easier for clients to find historical payment information. Past transactions will automatically load as clients scroll down the page, without the need to click 'Load more'.
  • The column headings now anchor at the top so clients can continue scrolling down the page uninterrupted.

Improved Portfolio Review Report for accounts with SMA holdings

We’ve uplifted the portfolio review report on Wrap Online so that the SMA income and growth are now listed separately for each SMA held under the Portfolio Details section.

The SMA income and growth are now also included under the Income and Growth figures in the Account Summary and Portfolio Summary sections.

With this update to the Portfolio Review Report, along with the SMA performance delivered earlier this year, you can now provide your clients with a clearer overview of their SMA holdings.

Adviser Online continues to evolve based on your feedback

We've made a number of improvements to Adviser Online recently. These include:

  • Transaction details now also includes the category of the transaction and improved debit description details. Any notes added to a transaction will appear in the printed version.
  • We've updated your printing options. You can now print account details or transaction listing when there are no transactions to display i.e. you can print an empty statement.
  • You can now easily edit and delete payments directly from the scheduled payments tab rather than having to navigate to Manage Payments, search for the payments and then cancel or edit it.

To see what else has changed on Adviser Online, please see our article for the full list of updates.

Answer your clients' questions with our Help Centre

We’re continuing to add more valuable information to our Help Centre to ensure your clients can find the answers to their queries easier than ever. The Help Centre now contains more than 400 articles covering a range of common questions and topics. We’ll continue to add more useful information to save you time and help your clients navigate our platforms.

Visit and share it with your clients and staff.

We've added more managed funds for you to choose from

Your choice of funds and SMAs continues to grow so you can offer your client a highly tailored investment portfolio. Choose from 700+ managed investments on platform and 170+ SMAs across 40+ SMA managers.

New funds
Vanguard Global Multi Factor Fund VAN3759AU**

New fund-like securities
ETFS Reliance India Nifty 50 ETF NDIA**

**IDPS and Super/Pension
*IDPS only

New SMAs
Henderson Ross Balanced SMAQUI06S
Henderson Ross Growth SMAQUI07S
Henderson Ross High Growth SMAQUI08S
InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 3 SMAINV03S
InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 4 SMAINV04S
InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 5 SMAINV05S

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