Adviser Online continues to evolve based on your feedback

30 Jul 2019

Since the launch of Adviser Online, we’ve continued to update the portal based on the feedback we’ve heard from you.

You’ve provided us valuable comments on what you like, and also what could be improved, to help you use the portal and its functions with ease.

Below is a list of the changes we've made during July.

Transaction details now also includes the category of the transaction and improved debit description details. Any notes added to a transaction will also be visible to your clients.

We’ve aligned the overall look and feel of the transaction listing to the listing generated from the online banking portal.

We’ve updated your printing options. You can now print account details or transaction listing when there are no transactions to display i.e. you can print an empty statement.

You can now easily edit and delete payments directly from the scheduled payments tab rather than having to navigate to Manage Payments, search for the payment and then cancel or edit it.

When filtering by adviser and dealer codes, the results will now appear in a logical order.

You can now filter by incoming (credit) and outgoing (debit) transactions.

When you cancel a payment at any point during the AIP flow, you'll be returned to the initial AIP page and the details you entered are retained. Previously the payment details were not retained, meaning you had to re-enter the details if the payment had been cancelled in error.

When cancelling a payment from Manage Payments, you're now presented with a warning message asking you to confirm the cancellation. If you proceed, you'll return to the manage payments list and the payment is automatically removed.

The correct running balance now displays on the transaction history tab on the account detail view.

We've also updated the Contact Us page with our most current office locations.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us since using the new Adviser Online portal. We’ll continue to deliver further improvements in the coming months.

Providing feedback via Adviser Online

Your feedback helps drive our decisions on how to improve the experience online.

You can send us comments via Adviser Online by selecting ‘Feedback’ from the main menu or by speaking to your relationship manager.

Need help?

If you would like additional support or training with Adviser Online, please contact or speak to your Relationship Manager.

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