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We’re transforming your online experience with us

Technical information in the palm of your hand

Our Little Black Book lets you access technical information and expertise in the one place, without having to search the web for industry facts and figures.

Use the app to access key information for:

  • current taxation, super and social security rates and thresholds
  • personal taxation
  • insurance
  • self managed super funds (SMSF)
  • social security and aged care
  • superannuation:
    • accumulation phase
    • access to benefits
    • pension phase
    • benefits tax
    • estate planning.

Download the app now on your Apple or Android device or visit our web version for desktop.

Got the app already?

Make sure you update it to access our latest user experience.

A new way of banking with us

We're making it easier for your clients to stay connected and informed online by bringing together their Macquarie accounts and products into one convenient location with our new online banking experience.

While the majority of your Wrap clients have moved to the new online banking experience, there are still some clients who don’t yet have access. The good news is we're moving these clients across from October. To make sure they can benefit from the new and more secure online banking experience, we’ll be encouraging those clients who haven’t yet registered for two-factor authentication to do so as soon as possible.

There are two ways your clients can register:

  • by clicking on the banner they'll see when they next log on, directing them to the registration page
  • by visiting

We've also built a dedicated campaign page for clients which outlines the benefits of our new online banking experience and some helpful tools, including an instructional video and a step-by-step user guide. For more on this, visit

Useful links

Download the online user guide

Download the one page instructional flyer

View the video

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Once they’ve logged onto online banking, they can simply update their preferences by following the below steps.

  1. Select the Cash Management Account from the list of available accounts on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the Statements and reports tab and then select Statement options on the right-hand side of the screen.

Change your statement delivery preference to Online only. You can also update your frequency preference at this point to either Monthly, Quarterly or Half yearly.

They can download online audit reports by following the below instructions.

  1. Go to and log in at the top right-hand side of the screen. Select Macquarie Online and Go.
  2. Enter your eight digit Macquarie Access Code (MAC) and password and select Log in.
  3. If you have more than one Macquarie product or service, you may need to expand the left-hand side menu and select Go back to the old Macquarie to navigate to the Cash Management Account.
  4. Select Cash Management Account.
  5. Select the Statement and reports tab on the top tool bar and select Download audit report on the right-hand side vertical panel.
  6. Your name and address will automatically populate under the Address field for audit report details, however these can also be amended.
  7. Select Download and a PDF version of the requested audit report should be available for viewing at the bottom of your browser.

Digital super/pension switch

Who is this relevant to? All Wrap advisers

We’re introducing digital super to pension/pension to super switches, so you’ll no longer need to complete lengthy paper forms in the lead up to financial year end. The new functionality will also make moving benefits back to accumulation phase a lot easier, ahead of the Government’s super reform program roll out from 1 July.

To use this new feature, your clients just need a mobile number and email address. Simply use our updated online application tool, available from the Wrap home page, by following the on screen instructions. You can then email your client directly where they’ll be able to accept the switch digitally. Once complete, we’ll send you and your client a confirmation email to let you know the switch has been completed successfully – it’s that easy.


Fee flexibility

Who is it relevant for? All Wrap advisers

We’re giving you more adviser and dealer service fee options across different asset classes. For example, you can now charge a dealer service fee on Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), or dial-down adviser service fees on term deposits.

You can choose which service fee option best applies as part of the application process – whether it’s the online application, or a change of fee form.

Adviser Initiated Payments

Who is this relevant for? All advisers

Adviser Initiated Payments (AIP) is a service available via Macquarie Access that allows you to make payments online on your clients’ behalf. It will it save you time and also provide you and your clients with more control and flexibility when making payments from their Cash Management Account (CMA) and Consolidator Cash Account.

Thanks to its mobile-enabled capability and BPay® payments functionality, you can submit valid payment requests up to 5pm (Sydney time) on any business day and it will be processed the same day once authorised. By using AIP, you're also tapping into a secure portal which means it's less likely we'll need to call you and your clients to verify transactions. You can now make future-dated and recurring payments on your clients' behalf. This will be particularly useful when your clients need to make multiple payments for the same amount to the same account, or when you know a future transaction will be needed.

Useful links

View the AIP flyer

View the AIP flyer for your clients

View the AIP user guide

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Once you request the payment via Macquarie Access, your client will receive an SMS with a secure code. They will need to provide this code to you verbally, either in person or over the telephone. Codes via email must not be accepted. To reduce the risk of fraud, don’t forget to validate email or written instructions with your client once you receive them.

Your client will receive an SMS code once you have selected their account via Macquarie Access. The secure code will be valid up until midnight the next business day after the request is initiated.

Payment requests can be submitted up to 5pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday.  Valid, authorised transactions will be processed on the same day where they are submitted before 5pm.

Some billers will not accept BPAY® payments from certain account types and others may have restrictions on the amount that can be paid by BPAY®. The maximum PayAnyone limit will be $100,000 per account. Linked and/or nominated accounts will not be subject to limits.

Online applications

Who is this relevant for? All advisers

Opening client accounts online is easy and efficient. When this happens, your clients will receive a concise, informative email with simple instructions on how they can start getting the most out of their account with us. All applications require a valid mobile number and email address to be submitted. Another great feature of our online application process is our SMS authentication process which has been developed so that clients can confirm their registration online, giving them access via online and mobile banking quicker. So altogether, that means a simpler, more seamless digital experience for both you and your clients.

Useful links

Download the FAQs

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We’ve enhanced our online security so as a result, we require valid email addresses and mobile numbers from our clients. By having these details on hand, we can easily and quickly notify your clients of any important updates or changes on their account.

Security is always one of our top priorities. That’s why we have two-factor authentication, a secure validation process that enables us to verify the authenticity of a transaction. The process involves sending a secure code which is submitted to verify the transaction. Completing this process will also help is protect our clients’ accounts against fraudulent activity in future. 

Clients will soon be able to update their contact details online directly, so look out for an update on this new feature. In the meantime, please encourage your clients to call us so we can update their contact details on their behalf.



Macquarie Wrap online applications

25 Jan 2016

Follow these simple steps to start an online application for Macquarie Wrap, now with electronic verification.

Macquarie Wrap explained

We want to make it easier for you to explain what wrap is, so we’ve created an online resource for you to use with your clients. There’s a video you can share as well.

We hope these resources help to educate your clients on the (sometimes confusing) topic of wrap platforms.