Macquarie Hires Bill Green to Lead Renewable Energy Infrastructure Investment Initiative

12 January 2010

NEW YORK — Macquarie Capital Funds, the specialist funds management division of Macquarie Group (“Macquarie”), today announced the appointment of Bill Green as a Senior Managing Director. Mr. Green will lead the expansion of the firm’s team focused on making and managing investments in renewable energy infrastructure in North America. Macquarie Capital Funds has been at the forefront of investment in the sector over the past five years, having managed investments in over 20 renewable energy infrastructure projects globally.

Mr. Green joins Macquarie with 22 years of investment and management experience in the renewable energy and related sectors. Previously Mr. Green was one of the co-founders of the VantagePoint Venture Partners Clean Technology (“CleanTech”) investment practice.

During his seven years at VantagePoint, Mr. Green and his colleagues developed one of the largest and most successful energy, water and materials venture capital practices, with more than $1 billion dedicated to the sector. Mr. Green was part of the firm’s team that made a series of notable investments in the solar, power storage and management, alternative fuel and waste-to-energy sectors. He co-led VantagePoint’s investment in New Energy Capital and its subsequent infrastructure investments and realizations.

“We’re very pleased to have Bill join our team. His proven investment experience and successful track record in the renewables sector will complement Macquarie’s existing origination and asset management expertise,” said Stephen Mentzines, Head of North American Macquarie Capital Funds.

“Given the increasing demand for renewable energy and the related infrastructure needed to deliver it, we see a growing opportunity to put our investors’ capital to work in this space. The addition of Bill as leader of the team reflects our commitment and further enhances our investment capability in the sector,” said Mr. Mentzines.

Macquarie has long been active in the renewable energy infrastructure sector, providing investors with a long-term, relatively predictable investment return profile. Through the funds it manages on behalf of investors, Macquarie’s numerous investments in renewable energy around the world total over two gigawatts of wind, solar, landfill gas, biomass and hydro projects. These investments, sourced by Macquarie Capital’s global power, utilities and renewables advisory team, are managed within Macquarie Capital Funds.

“Historically, investments in the CleanTech sector have gravitated towards the venture capital end of the spectrum. But as renewable energy technology matures, we’ve also witnessed a substantial increase in available infrastructure investment opportunities in the sector,” said Mr. Green. “Given the growing demand for renewable energy and other infrastructure projects that support the sustainable use of natural resources, investors can enjoy stable, long-term returns by funding these projects at commercial scale.

“Macquarie’s renewable energy experience, leading infrastructure asset management capability and complementary advisory team make this a powerful investment platform,” added Mr. Green.

About Bill Green
Bill Green has devoted his professional career to the commercialization and deployment of alternative energy, water and advanced-materials technologies. In addition to being one of the co-founders of VantagePoint’s CleanTech Practice, Mr. Green has led five companies in the sector over the past twenty years, including Ecolink, one of the first companies to produce alternatives to ozone layer-depleting chemicals; the Strategic Chemical Management Group, an environmental management company; TeamFuel; and the Environmental Forum on Technology and Business.

About Macquarie Capital Funds
Macquarie Capital Funds is recognized as a leading global investor and manager of infrastructure, real estate and other specialist businesses. The division manages more than $116 ($A131) billion in assets around the world with 47 listed and unlisted funds managing over 110 assets and 350 properties (at September 30, 2009).

Infrastructure investments managed by Macquarie include investments in the renewable energy, regulated utility, transportation and telecommunications sectors around the world. Macquarie manages funds in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

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