Volunteering program benefits charities and staff

12 Dec 2017

After collaborating on a project for six months, both the volunteers from Macquarie’s London office and staff from local charities feel the benefits. 

The BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving) facilitates the Community Resourcing (CoRe) programme in London each year and brings together local charities with volunteers from Macquarie and law firm, Slaughter and May. 

Volunteers take part in a skills-based volunteering project which aims to help the charities achieve their strategic priorities faster than they would on their own. 

By the end of the programme, the charities and volunteers have achieved results such as business plans, operational reviews, marketing strategies or financial analysis. 

This year eight charities were involved, and 55 people volunteered 1,220 hours. 100% of the charities said they would recommend the programme to others. 

“This was a huge learning curve for us – the meetings and conversations were hugely valuable. We talk about diversification of income, but have had to look at what this means,” said one staff member from Betknowmore UK. 

When surveyed, 94% of volunteers said they would recommend the programme to colleagues and reported an impact on their personal development including negotiation, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. 

Furthermore, 47% of volunteers said that they saw some improvement in their ability to adapt to change and their relationship-building skills. 

"It gave me the opportunity to tackle a completely different area of work - a chance for us to feed off the energy of the charity which provided a stark contrast to our day-to-day,” said Louis Pegg from Macquarie’s London office.   

“I have volunteered for the CoRe programme for the past two years and had the opportunity to work with two very different charities,” says Laura McCarthy Cronin also from Macquarie’s London office. 

“I enjoy the challenge of adapting what I do at Macquarie to be relevant to and assist the charitable sector. The role requires you to listen and learn quickly about the drivers and pain points of a new organisation, a skill-set I use daily at Macquarie.” 

Earlier this year, Laura was recognised as Employee Volunteer of the Year at the Islington Volunteer Awards for her work on the 2017 CoRe Programme with Middle Eastern Women Society and Organisation. 

Image caption: Macquarie CoRe volunteer, Rashida Lowe (right) with Louis Yeboah from Slaughter and May (middle) and Diye Wariebi, Founder and Project Manager, Bright Sparkes (left) at the closing celebration for the 2017 CoRe Programme

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