Taking the pledge to mentor a young person

02 Apr 2018

“Mentoring a young person is both fulfilling and humbling,” says Gus Wong from Macquarie’s New York office, who mentored a first-generation college-bound young person as part of the Macquarie LEADS mentoring and internship program.

“The experience was fulfilling because we saw the progress and development our mentees made over the year we worked together. It was humbling to hear how their career aspirations changed over time and to see how hard our mentees worked to excel and achieve outstanding school results.”

“When my mentee joined the program she had not been exposed to the corporate world before, but she embraced the experience and by the end of the program she was presenting in front of senior management,” says Gus.

In 2018, Macquarie Group Foundation committed to the City of New York’s Good for Me. Good for My City campaign that mobilizes the business community to mentor high schools students. Staff were asked to #Takethepledge to spend at least one hour mentoring a young person this year. Gus Wong took the pledge and will mentor another young person this year.

“Many of our employees are already giving back to the community through mentoring and other initiatives. Taking the pledge celebrates those efforts in a visible way and encourages people to make an extra step and commit to getting involved through mentoring,” says Gus.

Mentoring young people aligns with Macquarie Group Foundation’s focus in the Americas of increasing college access, persistence, and career attainment for first-generation college-bound youth.

“I think it’s important to recognize that many of us were lucky enough to have been guided and supported through our academic and work lives and have to ask ourselves, without that support would we be in the position that we are today?” asks Gus.

“There are so many opportunities to get involved – from elementary school reading programs to high school mentoring,” says Gus. “I encourage my colleagues to mentor a young person and be a part of their success tomorrow.”

Image caption: Gus Wong talks to high school students as part of the Macquarie LEADS mentoring and internship program

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