Results, action, impact on cancer charity

19 May 2017

The work that Craig Rowland and the Business Improvement and Strategy (BIS) team do at Macquarie to help people increase their effectiveness has also been valuable for the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, a charity working to help cure childhood cancer.

Over the last 12 months, Craig and the team have contributed approximately 50 hours to the Institute, or the equivalent of $25,000 in consulting services, to provide a number of targeted training sessions.

These included a ‘rapid improvement workshop’ with its donor management team, identifying key issues in their processes and looking at how the team could optimise the way they work to address these.

“What we were trying to help them with was how they could use their time better,” says Craig. “If you are able to utilise your time more effectively, it frees up resources to focus on other things.”

A follow up training workshop was also delivered for CCI’s fundraising team, which ran through Macquarie’s in-house operational and personal effectiveness tools.

“This session was greeted with great enthusiasm and commitment from all attendees,” Craig says. “Managing email and running more effective meetings in particular were key takeaways and we understand that these two improvements have delivered a material shift in behaviour.”

A third workshop was held earlier this year with CCI’s executive team on ‘results-action-review’. This is a structured one-to-one meeting between a manager and one of their team to help understand deliverables and issues. This process is also being rolled out across the fundraising team as well.

The Macquarie BIS team is building on the work it started with CCI in 2015, when it provided pro bono consulting support on the technology challenges facing the organisation. This resulted in a set of recommendations to improve the day-to-day performance of this function.

“It’s a bit of work for CCI to go to market to access these kinds of operational and management skills that will add value to what they do,” Craig says. “So it feels like we’re doing some good to help them develop these.”

CCI’s Head of Fundraising, Anne Johnston, said the training and support received from Macquarie has been very well-received. 

“We’re implementing many of the learnings from Macquarie’s approach and are already finding these bring efficiency and focus to how we work,” Anne says. 

“It’s particularly important at this crucial time when having a highly effective team is essential as we are embarking on a very exciting project in personalised medicine, Zero Childhood Cancer. We hope this will have significant scope to improve survival rates; it’s also the largest single childhood cancer initiative ever undertaken in Australia.”

CCI has also invited Craig to present to some of its corporate partners to further leverage Macquarie’s expertise in operational and personal effectiveness.

The BIS team were recognised for their contribution in Macquarie's 2017 Staff in the Community Awards, with the Macquarie Group Foundation donating $2,000 to CCI.

Image caption: Hayley Power (second from the left) and Brad Clancy (first from the right) at a training session with the Children's Cancer Institute.