Bridging the Tiwi technology gap

Sydney, 01 June 2014

Macquarie has a long history of supporting the remote Tiwi communities north of Darwin and the most recent assistance provided is technical.

Sydney staff Alison Johnson and Ross Benson visited Melville Island in the Tiwis earlier this year and quickly realised the most valuable contribution the technology team from Macquarie’s Corporate Operations Group could make was to assist in the design and upgrade of the Tiwi College’s local area network.

Tiwi College is a secondary boarding school which was established and governed by the Tiwi people to help local youth become work ready. It has no mobile phone reception and internet access is only via a satellite with a lower download limit than most people have to their homes in Sydney.

Technology staff Craig Said, Alex Herbert and Shawn Singh are currently assisting the College with the design and upgrade of its LAN.

“We got some insight into just how lucky we are to be located near core infrastructure,” Alison said.

“Due to the remoteness of the college, technology and technology support is a lot more difficult to obtain than your ordinary Australian school. Since we’ve returned, Ross has also organised sourcing and shipping of some spare laptops to boost the College facilities.”

A collaboration between Macquarie, led by Guy Reynolds, from Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities, and former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden, has raised $2 million dollars for the College to date.

Alison’s and Ross’s visit was funded by the Hayden/Reynolds partnership which strives to give Tiwi children greater opportunities in education, as well as creating healthier pathways through an Indigenous garden project.

The project also aims to harness the profile and influence of positive role models in sport, entertainment and through a cross section of corporate executives who can share experiences and opportunities.


Image caption: Macquarie is enhancing Tiwi children’s access to educational opportunities.