Portfolio solutions

Our business is invested in our clients outcomes by providing fully transparent, consultative and innovative solutions to their trading needs during times of portfolio change.

Transition Management

Portfolio changes pose many challenges for institutional investors. Project coordination, transaction risk management and operational administration can be significant obstacles. If not managed effectively, a portfolio transition can create a drag on a fund’s performance and internal resources. Macquarie Portfolio Solutions partners with clients to maximize investment performance and minimize transaction risk during these transitions. Macquarie provides full-service portfolio solutions oversight throughout the process, including offering full transparency of decision making, trading and compensation.

While other firms continue to exit the portfolio solutions business, Macquarie remains one of the few firms to invest and expand its platform. Macquarie has a long track record of uncovering opportunities that others miss.

Soar with a leader

Macquarie’s success, including more than 40 consecutive years of profitability, is built on a solid foundation of integrity and an ability to deliver for clients. A global provider of institutional securities services that trades in 50+ markets around the world, Macquarie has an unconflicted agency model designed to service client needs. Portfolio Solutions figures prominently in Macquarie’s fully transparent, client partnership strategy. The Portfolio Solutions business is built on four guiding tenets: commitment, innovation, transparency and knowledge.

The organization’s focus on clients is paramount. Macquarie works closely across the firm to tap into our broad expertise and extensive resources to deliver best-in-class solutions. Macquarie’s trading capabilities are one of the firm’s core competencies. Macquarie has ranked number one for Asian Execution for three consecutive years. This ranking highlights the superior quality of Macquarie’s global execution platform and the firm’s ability to minimize costs during a transition

Our four key tenets

In today’s challenging market environment, an effective transition manager must possess:

  • a capability to deliver excellence in risk and portfolio management
  • an experienced trustworthy team and global direct agency execution
  • the willingness to engage in a completely open and transparent manner.

Macquarie’s transition management philosophy is predicated on helping clients maximize investment performance, minimizing risk and receive complete transparency during the process.

A long-term commitment to providing the best portfolio solutions services to clients, as demonstrated by the firm’s:

  • growth in the face of industry retrenchment
  • significant investment in cutting-edge technology
  • ability to uncover opportunities by leveraging the firm’s global resources.


A unique corporate philosophy allows Macquarie to deliver innovative, market-leading solutions, featuring:

  • a differentiated platform developed solely by internal resources
  • customized transition solutions to maximize performance and reduce risk
  • a unique approach to global liquidity, recognizing that all markets are not the same.


An unconflicted provider of top portfolio solutions capabilities, featuring:

  • global agency execution expertise
  • transparent partnerships with transition clients
  • reliable transaction cost forecasts and results.


Long-term industry, market and client expertise, highlighted by:

  • a global team with local expertise
  • long-term experience, with team members averaging 15+ years in the industry
  • results through process, planning and robust risk management.



Direct route, non stop commitment

Macquarie Portfolio Solutions’ differentiated offering stems from a tireless commitment to clients and infrastructure. Macquarie’s cutting-edge proprietary platform, PILOT, takes portfolio solutions system architecture to a new level. Internally developed by experienced transition managers, PILOT is an example of Macquarie’s enterprising approach. This combination of entrepreneurial drive and robust risk management with deep industry and regional expertise, clearly distinguishes the firm as a portfolio solutions leader.

The Macquarie difference moves transition technology forward from a dependence on legacy buy-side or sell-side trading and order management systems, to a platform designed solely to manage all the trading, risk and reporting assignments involved in the most complex transitions. PILOT provides project planning, pre-trade, portfolio, risk & trade management, transaction communication, reconciliation and post-trade analysis on one comprehensive platform.

PILOT seamlessly manages transition portfolio data, calculates reliable transaction cost estimates, suggests hedging strategies, routes transactions, details intra-transition portfolio risk and electronically reports trade data. 

The development of PILOT is an illustration of Macquarie’s non-stop dedication to clients. Excellence, innovation and creativity are the foundations upon which the firm develops solutions and provides superior value for clients. Contact your portfolio solutions representative now and experience why Macquarie is leading the way in Transition Management.