Commodities and Energy/Resources Finance and Investing

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We provide funding at different levels of the capital structure, tailored to the specific needs of our clients

Financing solutions for commodity market participants

$US8+ billion 

in finance provided to junior mining and energy companies over the past 10 years in more than 40 jurisdictions.

$US2.1+ billion 

of working capital financing provided to commodity companies in the Americas and EMEA.


geologists, petroleum and mining engineers provide technical expertise to assess transactions and tailor funding solutions.

Energy capital

Financial solutions for the global energy industry

Providing debt and equity capital for the upstream Oil & Gas industry for over a decade, in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of a project.

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Macquarie has been providing financial services to the energy sector with a focus on opportunities in advanced exploration and early development stages for more than a decade. We deliver on client needs across the spectrum, including:

  • project development, drilling operations and other measures to increase oil and gas property value
  • oil and gas property acquisitions and associated development
  • senior loans – borrowing base revolving lines of credit and term loans – agency and participation
  • resource play development
  • low-risk exploration
  • pipelines, plants and other midstream acquisition and development
  • expansion and growth capital
  • structured supply for retail energy providers
  • capital for distressed situations.

We help meet specific business needs through tailored finance products across the entire capital structure. We also provide debt refinancing coupled with capital investment to accelerate clients’ development programs.

With technical expertise across a wide array of specialties, we offer clients an added-value service that is unmatched in the industry. Macquarie’s team includes technical experts in oil and gas with specialist backgrounds in petroleum finance and accounting, petroleum engineering and geology.

International lending and equity investment capability

  • Structured and project finance (“Mezzanine”)
  • Second Lien Debt
  • Public and private equity capital
  • Joint Venture Drilling Programs
  • Convertible debt
  • Uni-Tranche Credit Facilities
  • Volumetric Production Payments (“VPPs”)
  • Senior Borrowing Base Revolving Lines of Credit.


$US20 - $150m

Representative Debt deal size1

$US5 - $25m

Representative Equity hold1


funded into more than 150 debt and equity transactions since 2002

Mining finance

Strong resources heritage

25+ years unbroken commitment financing mining companies involved in the exploration for, or production of:

  • precious and base metals
  • bulk commodities: coal, iron ore, industrial minerals.
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Macquarie has an unbroken commitment of more than 25 years’ financing mining companies.

Providing debt and equity capital, Macquarie’s unique offering makes it ideally suited as a long-term partner for developers and producers, particularly market juniors.

Including geologists and mining engineers, the team’s deep industry experience and technical knowledge enables robust evaluation of opportunities in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of projects.

International lending and equity investment capability

  • performance bonds and guarantees
  • project finance
  • corporate debt
  • working capital facilities
  • acquisition facilities
  • mezzanine loans
  • convertible loans
  • principal equity
  • royalties.


provided finance of more than $US3.2 billion to mining projects
invested more than $US900 million in junior mining companies since 1997
across more than 40 jurisdictions

Structured commodity finance

Financing and liquidity solutions

Working capital solutions to help clients finance the purchase and sale of raw, semi-refined or semi-processed commodities.

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Macquarie provides funding to a broad customer base at different levels of the capital structure, using various assets as collateral. Our ability to value and manage collateral efficiently enables us to provide optimal financing structures that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

We provide funding solutions for exchange-traded commodities in the form of pre-export finance, borrowing base facilities, inventory finance, mezzanine finance and equity.

Pre-export finance:

  • financing of inputs secured against physical production
  • combinations with off-take agreements and price risk management solutions also possible.

Borrowing base facilities:

  • working capital facilities secured against accounts receivables, inventory, forward contracts, equity and cash
  • facilities provided to energy traders (natural gas, refined products)
  • structured supply for retail energy providers
    • liquidity and credit to support growth and client base
    • our facilities combine supply of physical product, hedging and working capital.

Inventory finance:

  • working capital secured by title over physical inventory, and delivery certificates.

Mezzanine finance:

  • capability to deliver a variety of mezzanine financing structures to clients including natural gas producers and base metal producers.


  • close partnerships with several businesses through equity financing
  • equity interests in base metals production, ethanol trading, and natural gas production and storage.

Managing risk

Commodities risk management

Explore how we deliver comprehensive trading and hedging solutions for our clients.

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