Shared pasts tell stories with an eye to the future

29 Nov 2016

More than 50 guests attended the launch of the #SharedPasts exhibition hosted at Macquarie recently, following a collaboration between Macquarie grant partner Justice Centre Hong Kong and photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani.

The storytelling project, comprising photography and text, was sparked by the Justice Centre’s interviews with 16 individuals in 2015, both with refugees seeking protection in Hong Kong as well as descendants of refugees.

Each interviewee was photographed by Xyza in a location they chose to reflect their story and message. Their individual stories share a common narrative of resilience and survival in the face of persecution and conflict.

While Hong Kong has a rich refugee history, including those who fled during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the Justice Centre says that discussions about refugees in Hong Kong in the current climate are more negative than in the past.

Misconceptions about who the refugees are have led to fear and hostility, according to the legal advice non-profit.

Macquarie hosted the launch and two-week exhibition of #SharedPasts as part of its ongoing Asia-wide commitment to combatting modern slavery. It partners with Justice Centre to help key organisations come together and tackle the issue in a coordinated manner.

Image caption: One of the images featured in the #SharedPasts exhibition. Photo credit: Xyza Cruz Bacani