Makeover brightens Johannesburg classroom

Johannesburg, 28 February 2014

A makeover by Macquarie First South volunteers of Grade 2 classrooms at Inkwenkwezi Primary in Johannesburg has brightened up the space in which the children learn.

Seven staff painted the classrooms, with blue and yellow chosen for the qualities they represent: trust, peace, order and loyalty (blue) and optimism, cheerfulness, mind and intellect (yellow). Macquarie Securities' Aureen Pack helped organise the drive, securing a paint and supplies sponsor for the project as well.

Johannesburg staff also launched the Pencil Bag initiative at Inkwenkwezi Primary – the brainchild of their Cape Town colleague Ryane Brunsdon to supply stationery to low-income children.

Organiser Anneli Meyer said she had a great time delivering the bags. "It was a total surprise for the pupils and the smiles on their faces spoke a thousand words," Anneli said. "They were extremely appreciative and their 'hug stampede' and 'high fives' made up for their limited English."


Image caption: New pencil bags make for pleased children at Inkwenkwezi Primary, a school in Soweto supported by Macquarie First South.