Macquarie collaboration grant strengthens Hong Kong charities

Hong Kong, 01 December 2013

A Macquarie Group Foundation grant has helped Asian Charity Services (ACS) – a community organisation providing pro bono business consulting services to other Hong Kong-based charities – identify areas of collaboration amongst similar non-profits.

The project has demonstrated how collaboration can help achieve common goals with fewer overlaps, maximise resources and assist communities more effectively. The ethnic minority sector was identified as being able to particularly benefit from collaboration. Eight organisations serving this sector completed either a strategic planning or a fundraising consultation over 2013 as part of ACS' existing program, culminating in a group workshop at the end of the year.

Almost 20 leaders from these charities brainstormed the benefits and challenges of working more closely together, and opted for some 'speed-dating' for prospective partners. Advocacy and public education were identified as key areas for initial collaboration.


Image caption: Macquarie and Asian Charity Services recently hosted a workshop for Hong Kong charities to discuss how collaboration can better help serve target communities.