How donating a day’s lunch money feeds 4,000 kids for a month

New York, 18 May 2015

A campaign asking New Yorkers to donate what they would normally spend on lunch to help feed the city’s 1 in 4 children suffering from hunger saw Macquarie ranked in the top five fundraising teams for the annual initiative.

Macquarie’s New York office, led by Commodities and Financial Markets’ Julia Hilbert and Kanya Po, held a spirited all-staff fundraiser to support City Harvest’s ‘Skip Lunch Fight Hunger’ campaign, raising approximately $30,000 including Macquarie Group Foundation matching. City Harvest estimates this level of funding will enable food to be provided to 4,000 children for an entire month.

Macquarie also co-sponsored a ‘Skip Lunch Fight Hunger’ Gourmet Food Truck that parked near Macquarie’s offices during the event, giving staff a delicious way to participate in the initiative. Proceeds were also donated to City Harvest.


Image caption: Macquarie staff join Michael Silverton, the US Head of Macquarie Capital at right, for lunch at the Skip Lunch Fight Hunger Food Truck.