Macquarie hosts first Funding Network international conference

London, 15 Jul 2015

Macquarie hosted a three-day conference in its London office for organisations which have adopted The Funding Network’s model of raising money for social change projects through live crowd funding events.

45 delegates from 32 organisations across 14 countries attended the conference, sharing insights and case studies from their respective nations in following the network’s model, which has had great success in financially supporting start-up organisations using their funding approach.

The Macquarie Group Foundation supports The Funding Network in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

Since the network’s International project commenced three years ago, partners in 13 countries have staged more than 80 events, attended by over 5,500 people. To date, these events have raised more than ₤1.6 million for over 280 social change projects.


Image caption: Macquarie's first international Funding Network conference – the 45 delegates were from 32 organisations across 14 countries.