The mobility opportunity

20 April 2021

Since the momentous step-change from horse and carriage to car, when we look to the future of transport in Australia, what is the next big shift?

Discover how decarbonising the transport system can create opportunities for electric and hydrogen powered commercial fleets, the supporting charging infrastructure, route optimisation and forecasting software, battery storage solutions and everything in between.

Macquarie Capital’s Nick Carter speaks with Innovation Bay about the countries leading the way with electric vehicles and what’s required from software and hardware providers, policy makers and the corporate sector to push Australia forward in our decarbonisation journey. 

Open the Pod Bay Doors is a weekly deep dive into the ANZ tech ecosystem, hosted by Innovation Bay.

*This episode of Open the Pod Bay Doors was recorded on Tuesday 23 March 2021. All predictions within take a long-term view of the Australian energy ecosystem at the time of recording.