International Women's Day

Empowering women and expanding female economic participation can shape a more equal future, strengthen communities and generate economic growth that benefits everyone. As we pursue gender equality, we must first embrace a culture of equity, which enables achievement and social success for all genders by providing tools and resources to help overcome obstacles they may encounter. Adopting an equity mindset supports all people to reach their full potential and helps build a better future.

International Women's Day 2021

This International Women’s Day we share the progress we are making towards building a balanced workforce and our pursuit of gender equality within our organisation. And, as the world looks to emerge stronger from a global pandemic, we talk about the need to intentionally build a more inclusive future, where women and girls have future-focused skills and equal access to opportunities.

Girls in Finance

Macquarie's Girls in Finance program introduces students to the finance industry to make it more tangible and accessible and demonstrate the breadth of the skills and disciplines it offers. Doing so to ​motivate and empower girls to consider a wide range of subjects and broad range of career paths.

International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity for us to recognise and celebrate the tremendous achievements and potential of women and girls around the world, to acknowledge how far we’ve come in creating equal pathways for women, but also how much there is still to do.”

Shemara Wikramanayake
Chief Executive Officer

In 2021 it is more important than ever that we take action on gender equity. Hard-won progress could be easily lost unless we focus our attention on creating opportunities that work for women and girls.”

Alex Harvey 
Chief Financial Officer

An inclusive workplace

Macquarie believes in creating an inclusive workplace for all our people. Learn more about some of the ways we are creating a workplace where every person is valued for their uniqueness and where different views and ideas are embraced.