Filling the energy gap

Australia is pointing the way for a decentralised energy future, creating gaps in the energy economy not easily filled by pure electrification

With increasing demand for distributed energy resources (DERs), virtual powerplants (VPPs) and electric vehicle charging, the value of flexibility in the energy landscape is increasing, and the software to enable it is growing exponentially in parallel.  

From technology companies already changing the game, to data-based disruptors – opportunities are proliferating for optimisation and forecasting software, charging and storage solutions and everything in between.

Macquarie Capital’s Nick Carter speaks with Innovation Bay about the emerging opportunity for DERs, VPPs and hydrogen to fill the gaps and the start-ups that stand to win in the Australian market.

Open the Pod Bay Doors

A weekly deep dive into the ANZ tech ecosystem, hosted by Innovation Bay.

*This episode of Open the Pod Bay Doors was recorded on Friday 14 January 2020. All predictions within take a long-term view of the Australian energy ecosystem at the time of recording.