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Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. (DNS) SS-3000

Asset ID: 8243

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Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. (DNS)


Wafer Scrubber

Etch/Clean - Wet Processing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: Jan/2006

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Manassas, United States

Available date: Currently Available

• Currently Configured for 300mm wafer sizes
• MFG Date: Jan 2006
• Cassette Interface (FOUP Station):
o (3) 300mm FOUP Load-Ports
?? Shinko Electric SELOP12F25-S301010
o Entegris F300 FOUPs
o Wafer Pitch: Standard full pitch
o Overhead Transport Interface (OHT)
o E84 Parallel I/O Sensors
o E99 Carrier ID Reader
o RF Tag Readers: Omron Tiris
• Main System:
o System Type: DI System (All Teflon DI fluid flow)
o Indexer: (1) Kawasaki TS-310-D512S
?? DNS PN: 2-39-72838
o Indexer: (1) YaskawaXU-ACT1531
o Main System Robot: Kawasaki TS-520-D512S
?? DNS PN: 2-39-81303
o Main Controller
?? Original OS: Win-2000 Server, upgraded to Vista
o Host Controller
?? Original OS: Win-2000 Pro, upgraded to Vista
?? Micron Host Interface: TAR 1.5 compliant
o (2) USB 2.0 ports
o Integrated Particle Enclosure (mini-environment)
o User Interface
• System Safety:
o FM4910 Compliant (<1% by weight non-FM plastics total)
o Fire Extinguisher
o LOTO: LOTO for all Gas/Chem lines
o Safety Labels: English (includes Semi-S2 labeling on all plumbing lines)
o Leak Detection Controller & Sensors: Recirculation, Fac AOV, Chem Demand off.
?? Sensor PN: 2-39-78021
?? Controller PN: 2-39-77979
o EPO: Twist-to-Release
o Exhaust Interlocks: Chemical Dispense Stops
• Main Chemicals:
o BCD I/F #3: TMAH
?? Flow Rate: 5-10mLPM (needle valve controlled)
o BCD I/F #4: DI (H2O) – Cold
?? Flow Rate: 300mLPM (needle valve controlled)
o Filter Housing: Mykrolis QCDV ATX TH-M
• Process Module 1/2/3/4:
o Mechanical Chuck (Magnetic), 3000RPM limit
o Nozzles: TMAH, DIW
o Front-Side:
?? Rinse: Cold DIW
?? Position: Center of Wafer
?? Max Flow: 1000mL/Min
o Back-Side:
?? Rinse: Cold DIW
?? Max Flow: 500mL/Min
o Nano Spray:
?? N2 Rate: 10-100LPM (MFC Controlled)
?? N2 Filter: Mykrolis WGMX-MBX-S3
?? Rinse: Cold DIW
?? DIW Max Flow: 20-200mLPM (needle valve controlled)
o Scanning: Reciprocating in range of wafer diameter
o Working Distance: 10mm from Wafer Surface
o Lower Cup Material: PP
o Back-Side Rinse VAT Material: PVC
o Material Body: PTFE
o Wetted Surface: PTFE, PFA
o Brush:
?? Scrubbing System Included
?? PVA Brush Included
?? Scan Range: Wafer to Edge
• Note: PM-1&2 have Bevel Brush
?? Scan Speed: 5-150mm/s
?? Pressure Control: 10-80grams
?? Rotation Control: 0-267RPM
?? Cleaning System: Max 1LPM
o E-Flow CO2 System
o Alkali Drain Line: BWW / 1W (Air/Water separation)
o Alkali Exhaust Line
o Exhaust Control: Manual
• Reverser Unit:
o Wafer Flipping assembly included
o Drive Type: Pneumatic
o Wafer Sensor: Optical Photo Sensor
• Facilities:
o Move-In Restrictions: W-2600, D=1350, H=2680
o Adjuster Plate: SS (304) (#6, 100mmx100mm & #6, 200mmx200mm
o Seismic Support
o Mylar Floor System Template
o Pneumatic Chemical Supply Interface
o Exhaust Interface: Bottom
o Chemical Line Connections: Bottom (C.S.S.)

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