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Applied Materials (AMAT) Centura AP Enabler

Asset ID: 54000

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Applied Materials (AMAT)

Centura AP Enabler

Dielectric Etch

Etch/Ash/Clean - Plasma Processing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Process: OX

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Software Revision: B2.8_79

FI Software: FB4.70_12

GEM Software: 7.20_17

Wafer Size: Diameter 300+/- 0.05mm(SEMI M28), 775 +/- 25um, Notch

Online Connection: GEM / CIM JGJ (Hardware Interface : Ethernet 100Base-Tx)

Inter Face: 3 carrier stage (Continuous flow operation) w/ 3 Loadports (Semi compliant MENV and FMS assemblies

Interface A: Hardware related to EDA

Corrosion Resistant FI & SWLL: N/A

Loader Mod Corrosion Prevent: N/A

Standard SWLL: Standard SWLL

Side Storage Pod: Side Storage Pod (Left/Right)


Facility Plate: N2 Regulator : Supplied by customer in floor, CDA regulator 125 PSI onboard SMC pressure switch

Facility Plate: Manual Valve : Supplied by customer in floor

Facility Plate: Pressure Gauge : Supplied by customer on regulator in floor

Transfer Pressure Monitor: 10 Torr Manometer and 1SLM N2 APC, kit



Transfer Chamber Blade Kit: Transfer Chamber Accelerator Blade Kit

LL ISO-Slit Valve Grp Elast.: AP Chemraz 513 Elastomer

Atmospheric Robot: KAWASAKI A3

Mainframe Robot: VXP with Dual blade

Wafer Pass Through: Not available

Loadport type: Enhanced 25 wafer FOUP

Loadports: Loadport System

Open Cassettes Supported: N/A

Water Leak Detector: Configured

EMO Type: Turn to Release (Front x3, Rear x4) - 3 on FI, 1 on front of FI and one on each side of FI. Rear: 1 for each process chamber.

System Monitors: Monitor #1 is Flat Panel with Keyboard on stand / Monitor #2 is through the wall flat panel (optional)

Cable Length: RF Cable : 2 cables 75 ft; 1Short Cable

Cable Length: Mnitor Cable : 25 Ft 16ft effective

Cable Length: Pump Cable Length : 75 ft interface cable

Signal Tower: Red/Yellow/Green/Blue ( Front x1 & Center section of loadside and maintenance side x1)DNET LIGHT TOWER, 4 LIGHT COVER (RAGB) W/ CLR DAUG

Inter Lock: On board interlocks to dissable RFand gas flow at 1/2 atmos., and lid or gas panel door open.

Inter Locks: On board interlocks to disable robots and slit doors when transfer lid or load lock lids are open.

Certificate of Cleanliness: N/A

Remote UPS Interface: N/A

Scrubber Interlock: N/A

Etch Common AC Rack: Lean AC Rack

"Chiller (wall/source): NX20A(ZT150 coolant)


Chiller (Dual Zone Cathode): NX20A (ZT130 coolant)

"Coolant: Galden ZT-130 for Cathode

Galden ZT-150 for Wall/Source

Galden FC-3283 for Cathode/Wall/Source


Chiller Hose Length: 75'

RF Gen TOP (162Mhz Source): 3500W RF POWER SUPPLY, 162 MHZ, FIXED FREQUENCY, 208VAC, WATER COOLED (0190-29389)

"RF Gen #1 Bottom (13Mhz Bias): RF GENERATOR, 13MHZ 5KW, 300MM, RACK MOUNT)


"RF Gen #2 Bottom (2 Mhz Bias): RF GEN PLASMA 9KW 2MHZ ENI)


"RF Match: Y


IPUP Type: Alcatel A100L (0190-01042)

Process Chb.1,2,3,&4: (IAEF) Enabler (Front End-E5)

Endpoint type (Eye-D): Endpoint type (Eye-D)(0246-00196)

Plasma State Monitor: Plasma State Monitor (1 per system) (0190-17948)

Spectrograph: EyeD HP Spectrongraph (0190-28658)

ESC type (Dual Zone): ESC type (Dual Zone) (0010-33416)

Cathode Base: Non-Anodized (0041-05779)

Cathode N2 Purge: Cathode N2 Purge - Yes

L-collar Si Insert Ring: L-collar Single Crystal Si Insert Ring 1.5mm step 

TMP: Shimadzu D3403M, 3000 litre

TMP Back Pressure Monitor: 51A11TGA2BA003 (MKS) Foreline Transducer

Dry Pump: N(ESR80WN (EBARA) ; customer Supply)

Final Valve, Heater: N/A

Wfib: Y(Wfib - Mod (Restriction at RTN))


Slit Valves: Anodized (AL) 513 Chemrz

Pressure Monitor: 1,000 mt Head

Pressure Monitor: 100 mt Head

Pressure Monitor: Transducer 100 Torr Cal Tank

Pressure Monitor: Chamber ATM Switch : 51A13TGA2AA720 (MKS)

Pressure Monitor: Pressure Switch : 51A11TGA2BA010 (MKS), H2/fluoro gas Switch flow through 600Torr

Chamber Controller Module: SBC C400MHZ, 3U CPCI, 256MB RAM

FES Server: FES Server

NSR# 621632-0: Enabler Chamber FRCII, ratio 1000/1000

NSR# 621638-0: Chamber First in Fab for IADB Enabler Chamber

NSR# 621633-0: Transforma run to run option

Thottle Gate Valve (TGV): Throttle Gate Valve (TGV) - Ceramic 

Gas Line 1: Gas line 1- C4F6 100 sccm UNIT IFC-125

Gas Line 2: Gas line 2- CH2F2 100 sccm UNIT IFC-125

Gas Line 3: Gas line 3- C3F8 50 sccm UNIT IFC-125

Gas Line 4: Gas line 4- O2_M 300 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 5: Gas line 5- SO2 200 sccm UNIT IFC-125

Gas Line 6: Gas line 6- CF4 200 sccm UNIT IFC-125

Gas Line 7: Gas line 7 - C4F6_IGI 5 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 8: Gas line 8 - O2_IGI 5 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 9: Gas line 9- O2_L 50 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 10: Gas line 10- O2_H 5000 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 11: Gas line 11- Ar 2000 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 12: Gas line 12- N2 200 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 13: Gas line 13- CHF3 200 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Line 14: Gas line 14- C4F8 100 sccm UNIT-125

Gas Pallet Type: NextGen

Gas Pallet: ASSY, FULL 6/1/1/6 PALLET, 300MM ETCH NEXT GEN

Regulators: Regulator on SLD (Inlet to Gas Pannel, 1 per unique gas, 12 max, VCR connection)

Valves: CKD

Transducers: Transducers inside MFC's

Flow Ratio Controller (NSTU): Flow Ratio Controller (NTSU)

IGI Interlock: N/A

Filters: MYKROLIS (nickel, VCR, P/N 4020-01285), Nippon (VCR 12 max, P/N 4020-00084)

Gas Leak Detection Port: External Connection Point

Gas Panel Exhaust: Top Exhaust

Gas Panel Facilities Hook Up: Single Line Drop

Piping: Standard high purity stainless & Exhaust through Gas box

Final Pressure Switch: At 600 Torr coming from gas pallet, At chambers swithch pressure signal 10 torr half atmosphere

Purge: N2 (Process Grade N2)

L-collar Single Crystal Si: L-collar Singe Crystal Si Insert Ring 1.5mm step

Source Bottom Ring: QUARTZ RING SOURCE, E5(0200-07362)

Quartz Barrier Ring: Quartz Barrier Ring (0200-03170)

TGV o-ring: TGV o-ring (3700-03701)

TGV Hard Stop - Ceramic: TGV Hard Stop - Ceramic

TGV Pads: TGV Pades (0041-03304)

Source Chiller Bypass: Source Chiller Bypass 

Annular Baffle Heated: Annular Baffle Heated 

Cover, Lower Liner: Cover, Lower Liner

Upper Liner: SUPPORT LINER (0040-37601)

Process Kit: Process Kit

"Showerhead Assy: Showerhead Assy, 4mm SiC Top Electrode 

Tokai (0041-32335)"

Aluminum shims: Polymer Shims(0242-55460)

Plasma Containment Door: Plasma Containment Door

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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