Cash equities


Macquarie's Securities Group operates a global cash equities distribution platform with over 1,100 research, sales, sales trading, corporate access and ECM specialist staff.

The group has over 2,200 stocks under research coverage with deep specialization in infrastructure and utilities, real estate, TMET, resources (mining and energy, and oil and gas), industrials and financial institutions. Combined with over 400 specialist and generalist sales professionals, and a leading electronic execution platform, Macquarie delivers 24 hour global distribution to over 2,000 clients in over 25 financial centers globally.

In the United States Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc. has a team of over 30 sales professionals providing unique sales capabilities to US qualified institutional buyers from our offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. Our dedicated US analysts cover over 500 stocks in the Energy, Financials, Industrials, Infrastructure, TMET and Real Estate sectors.

For sales of international equities, Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc. provides US clients with access to the Asian, Australian, European and South African markets. Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc. offers access through affiliates to local sales and sales trading expertise in all of these markets.

Block trading

Macquarie block trading provides global reach with local expertise aimed directly at delivering a focused approach to liquidity provision, capital and corporate access.

Our unique structure between equity facilitation and syndication and experience in dealing with confidential and sensitive inside information, ensures complete privacy and discretion for clients concerned about market impact.

Macquarie's global block trading team is located in Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York.

Why Macquarie

Differentiated source of liquidity

Integrated liquidity from our:

  • significant Warrant, structured product and derivative businesses
  • highly ranked institutional broking business
  • strong electronic execution service
  • strong synthetic products platform.

Through the broader platform integration we provide efficient access to cross product flow, allowing us to provide significantly larger flow opportunities and liquidity - particularly in names difficult to access.

Risk specialists
  • Dedicated country and regional risk specialists
  • Local knowledge with 24 hour service from five hubs globally
  • Product experts supported by a global team
  • An alternate touch point for sensitive lines, ideas and advice on product access.
Effective liquidity provision
  • We are continually expanding our risk management techniques, technology and products, allowing us to absorb single name and portfolio risk through our proactive inventory management process
  • Capital provided by Macquarie can help you find liquidity in situations where it would be otherwise difficult to locate, or altogether non-existent.

This allows us to provide our clients effective product access with minimal market impact and best execution.

Corporate access - client focus
  • We at Macquarie stand behind our convictions to partner, co-invest and open lines of capital to enable greater opportunities for our clients to invest
  • We customize our product to our clients needs, ensuring we provide the appropriate risk product, book structure and inventory, particularly when market volatility increases and on-market liquidity reduces.


Corporate access

Macquarie hosts more than 80 events worldwide each year, providing corporate access to institutional investors at conferences, corporate days, non-deal roadshows, site tours and investor roadshows, results lunches, conference calls and educational seminars

We have been providing corporate access to investors for more than 15 years and focusing on key sectors which include: property, infrastructure, resources and commodities, utilities, financials, gaming and consumer, and TMT.

In the last three years, we have grown our corporate access initiative across emerging and developed markets to cater to the needs of our investors. We have teams located around the world dedicated to facilitating corporate access, including corporate brokers, conference and roadshow coordinators, and in-country roadshow coordinators.

Our coordinators work closely with our sales force to ensure a comprehensive line up of meetings and an enjoyable experience for our corporate and institutional clients.

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Equity Capital Markets

The Equity Capital Markets team specializes in raising equity and hybrid capital and returning capital to shareholders.

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Electronic trading

Macquarie's electronic execution platform utilizes advanced trading technology and infrastructure to provide a complete collection of tailored electronic trading tools. Developed in Asia for Asia and designed specifically for individual Pan Asian markets, our algorithmic strategies allow traders to achieve desired benchmark and trading objectives with complete control.

Direct Market Access (DMA) - high speed, low latency access to all major Asian markets complete with smart order routing capability and intelligent synthetic DMA features.

Algorithmic trading - best in class product built in Asia for Asia with three service and development hubs in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney. Strategies are customizable and service is personalized.

Execution consultancy - tap into Macquarie's knowledge base and skill set to enhance performance: complete algo development/design, customization, trade analytics and technology.

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Portfolio trading

Macquarie portfolio trading provides global reach with local expertise aimed directly at delivering a consistent and focused approach to portfolio structuring and implementation.


The current global equity landscape is dominated by regulatory change, price and liquidity volatility, ever evolving trading technology and shifting market microstructure. Macquarie portfolio trading has developed an execution consultancy and implementation model designed to help our institutional clients better achieve their goals through a collaborative approach to client service delivered through all aspects of the trade cycle.

Macquarie's global portfolio trading team is located in Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York, Toronto and Montreal. The team continually strives to add value through our quantitative research, trading analytics and technology offerings aimed directly at the full spectrum of client demands (portfolio managers, traders, operations and technology staff).

Why Macquarie

Client service

Our core goal is client service. From order acknowledgment through execution and settlement, our regional hubs work together to ensure consistent feedback, global coverage and best execution.

Strong technology
  • One team, one system. Macquarie portfolio trading is global and able to address the trade cycle with our customers as global markets require 24/6 from ALL locations.
  • Macquarie has developed a sophisticated analytics package providing in-depth pre and post trade review available to all clients before, during and after every transaction.
  • Resources. We have the resources and knowledge base to develop any bespoke trade communication requirement. Our highly experienced sales traders will work with you from initial discussion through first trade to ensure all technology requirements are comprehensively tested and delivered to full specification.

Our clients have access to quantitative analysts providing a diverse global range of developed and emerging markets coverage. Core focus' include diverse factor analysis, portfolio management, trading analytics, index, macro themes and market microstructure.

Macquarie global portfolio trading - we look forward to working with you. For further information, please contact us globally via email.