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Macquarie's services include comprehensive research analysis of equities, economics, commodities, debt markets, foreign exchange, futures and ESG. Through deep specialist knowledge our analyst teams leverage Asia Pacific insight to the world.

With more than 2,200 stocks under coverage globally, we are a top 10 global equities research house1. We cover all the world's major financial markets, giving our institutional, government and corporate clients the depth and breadth of information they need.

Research distribution

Our research is available to permissioned institutional clients via email, secure access online, smartphone apps, and select third party channels (Bloomberg, Factset, Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ,


1. As at January 2014.


Our equities research team is the cornerstone of Macquarie Securities' broking services. Services include the broad research coverage of stocks in the Asia-Pacific region, and specialist sectors in the US, Canada, Europe and South Africa.

We continue to modify our product range to meet the needs of our clients.

We produce a number of equities publications, including:

Essentials A daily report analyzing corporate developments and their market impact
Weekly reports Including Emerging Leaders Weekly which highlights developments in the emerging leaders market
Monthly reports Detailed analysis of stock and sector market performance
Company and sector reports Comprehensive analysis of individual companies and market sectors


Macquarie's economics team is widely recognized as one of the leading financial market research teams. Major institutional investors rank us highly among our peers for accuracy in economic forecasting and quality analytical thinking.

We provide forecasts and analytical advice on growth, interest rates and exchange rates, as well as on other economic, financial and geopolitical trends. Our ultimate goal is to determine financial market prospects and maximize investment returns.

Our economists are widely experienced in economic research, policy advice, government budgetary policy and financial management. They also take a 'hands on' approach to analyzing key developments, through regular research visits and consultations with senior policy makers, market analysts and business leaders.

Our economics publications include:

Macquarie Weekly An up-to-date calendar, with forecasts and analysis of major forthcoming economic releases and events, as well as key financial indicators in Australia and New Zealand
Desktop Diaries
(published every Monday)
A concise schedule of upcoming domestic and international economic data and events over a four-week horizon. The Asia-Pacific Diary provides a concise schedule of key regional releases for the week ahead
Economic Spotlight A weekly thought piece on a contemporary topic of importance to financial markets and investors
Australian Housing Monitor A high frequency research update on key developments in the Australian residential property sector
The Insider A quarterly update on the outlook for the Australian and New Zealand economies and business conditions, following the release of GDP data

We also publish regular updates on key economic data releases and policy announcements in Australia and New Zealand.


Our commodities research is provided by Macquarie Research Equities. The team is dedicated to providing specialist metals, mining, agricultural and energy research and market intelligence. Rated as one of the top teams globally, we work extensively for corporations, industry consultants and resource portfolio managers with exposure to the commodities markets. The commodities team provides price forecasts which are developed in relation to our forecasts of the major macro dynamics and detailed demand and supply analysis for each commodity market that we cover.

We provide a daily commentary on base metals, precious metals and bulk materials markets worldwide, as well as a monthly presentation pack and quarterly Commodities Compendium. This daily commentary is published within the daily equities Essentials report.

Environmental, social and governance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are increasingly acknowledged as key non-financial factors that can influence the performance of investment portfolios.

At Macquarie Securities, we have been publishing on ESG issues for some time. Our integrated approach, giving top-down analysis followed by bottom-up stock valuations, has gained a significant following among institutional investors in both Australia and Asia. Our focus on the significance of ESG issues, and our engagement with a broad range of ESG-interested parties, has led us to perform well in emerging peer ESG rankings.

Our research includes:

  • forecasts for the Australian renewable energy market
  • commentary on changes to corporate governance guidelines on diversity
  • analysis of corporate human capital management, corporate governance and risk management
  • analysis of issues surrounding water scarcity and infrastructure.

Our ESG publications include:

ESG EXPLORATION A quarterly analysis of a key ESG issue and its impact across sectors and stocks
ESG Dynamics A monthly review of the key developments in the ESG arena, from policy changes to corporate announcements

We also publish sector-specific and policy-specific pieces, giving in-depth analysis of key ESG issues for specific stocks – such as modeling of the renewable energy market, the impact of climate change on insurance, or changes in corporate governance diversity guidelines.

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