Insurance asset management


A unique challenge

Macquarie Investment Management, through Delaware Investments, recognizes that managing assets for insurance companies differs greatly from traditional asset management.

The insurance asset management group, part of Delaware Investments Fixed Income team, is experienced in varying aspects of the insurance business, including credit, regulatory, product, and economic climates.

Expertise backed by extensive resources

Delaware Investments offers the personnel, services, and expertise essential to be a strong partner and help its insurance clients achieve their investment and operational goals.

Unlike many traditional money managers, the insurance asset management group at Delaware Investments understands the regulatory nature of the insurance industry and the unique implications of those regulations on asset management strategies.

Delaware Investments offers clients the following services and solutions to meet a broad array of insurance asset management needs:

  • rating agency preparation
  • risk management benchmarking
  • asset class expertise
  • cash flow testing assistance
  • regulatory assistance (filings, inquiries)
  • tax and accounting assistance*
  • risk management
  • asset/liability management
  • credit and indenture analysis
  • reporting services (GAAP/STAT)
  • cash management
  • product development and pricing.

Delaware Investments works in tandem with a trading desk and analytical team that has both buy-side and sell-side experience, focusing on clients' goals and always making risk assessment a priority.

Delaware Investments leverages relationships and asset knowledge to identify appropriate solutions in an attempt to position the portfolio to compensate for complex liabilities and meet investment income goals.