Commodity financing


Macquarie’s Structured Commodity Finance team provides funding to a broad customer base at different levels of the capital structure, using various assets as collateral. Our ability to value and manage collateral efficiently enables us to provide optimal financing structures that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

We provide funding solutions for exchange-traded commodities in the form of pre-export finance, borrowing base facilities, transactional finance, mezzanine finance and equity:

Pre-export finance
  • Financing of inputs secured against physical production
  • Combinations with off-take agreements and price risk management solutions also possible
Borrowing base facilities
  • Working capital facilities secured against accounts receivables, inventory, forward contracts, equity and cash
Transactional Financing
  • Working capital secured by title over specific assets from source through to end-user
Physical Trading
  • Physical purchase and sale of exchange traded commodities in storage or in transit
Mezzanine Finance
  • Capability to deliver a variety of mezzanine financing structures to clients
  • Close partnerships with several businesses through equity financing
  • Equity interests in production and trading companies