What we stand for

Our six principles


Macquarie aspires to be a pre-eminent provider of financial services over the long haul. We recognise that, however our achievements to date are judged, the quest for improvement is never ending. The Macquarie culture is represented by the way in which we act and work together.
The values to which we aspire can be summarised in six principles:

  • Integrity
  • Client commitment
  • Strive for profitability
  • Fulfilment for our people
  • Teamwork
  • Highest standards

Our commitment to these six principles is vital for continued growth and prosperity.

This Code of Conduct applies to Directors on the Board of Macquarie Group Limited and to employees, contractors, and consultants of Macquarie Group Limited and its related entities (Macquarie).

This Code is intended to help Directors and staff to understand their responsibilities to uphold the goals and values to which Macquarie aspires and to conduct business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Importantly, this Code is reflected in and supported by a broad range of Macquarie's policies and procedures.

Macquarie is committed to:

  • conducting all its business consistent with the goals and values stated in What we stand for:
  • Integrity - Integrity is the concept upon which all our actions are based and by which we are happy for our actions to be judged. We recognise that while all our actions must be lawful, mere lawfulness may not be an adequate test of integrity.
  • Client commitment - When acting for our clients, their interests come first absolutely. Not all our dealings are for clients – sometimes we act as principal or arranger. However, in all our dealings we will always act fairly and honestly and disclose the nature of our role. We treat all those with whom we deal with professionalism, courtesy and respect. It is essential that we honour without reservation our obligations to maintain the confidentiality of our client's information.
  • Strive for profitability - Profit is ultimately why we are in business. We seek to achieve consistently superior profitability and we take pride in our profit record. Profitability is fundamental to our success. It funds our continued growth and rewards both our shareholders and our employees.
  • Fulfilment for our people - Macquarie recognises that its most valuable assets go home every night. This is the foundation stone of our belief that Macquarie must be a fulfilling place to work, where all employees are treated as individuals, deserving the respect of their subordinates, peers and superiors. Macquarie seeks to recruit the best people without discrimination or bias and advancement and remuneration are based solely on merit.
  • Teamwork - To better serve our clients, Macquarie is organised into individual businesses. Within these businesses there are individuals. At the same time we recognise that we are one group, with one profit and one reputation and that we must work together cooperatively, constructively and harmoniously.
  • Highest standards - Macquarie recognises that superior returns are only achieved through the best work: providing superior value to our clients and others with whom we deal. Adherence to the highest prudential standards is a fundamental element of our work.
  • avoiding or appropriately managing any conflict of interest between the personal interests of a Director or staff member and their responsibility to serve the interests of Macquarie and its clients
  • ensuring property, information and position are not misused for personal benefit or to compete with Macquarie
  • ensuring Macquarie's assets are used only for authorised and legitimate business purposes
  • maintaining the confidentiality of information and the privacy of personal information entrusted to Macquarie by its clients, employees and others with whom it deals except where disclosure is authorised
  • ensuring high standards of disclosure and audit integrity in relation to Macquarie's activities and financial performance
  • ensuring dealings between Macquarie and a client, competitor or supplier are conducted in a lawful and fair manner
  • supporting the charitable, sponsorship and volunteer work of the Macquarie Group Foundation and Macquarie's staff in the communities in which Macquarie operates
  • conducting all Macquarie's business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which Macquarie operates, and in a way that enhances its reputation in those markets
  • prohibiting any activity that seeks to bribe, corrupt or otherwise induce any third party in any country to act (or omit to act) in a way that differs from that party's proper duties, obligations and standards of conduct
  • protecting a person who in good faith makes, or assists someone to make, a report concerning a violation of this Code
  • overseeing the development, promotion and maintenance of this Code and the review of its contents at least biennially to ensure its effectiveness.

Macquarie has appointed Integrity Officers based in each region in which Macquarie has operations. The Integrity Officers serve as an independent point of contact if Directors or staff have a concern about an integrity related issue and report directly to the Managing Director and the Board Governance and Compliance Committee.

A significant breach of this Code will be escalated to senior management and to the Board of Macquarie Group Limited (and the Board of Macquarie Bank Limited when appropriate). A failure to observe the requirements of this Code may breach the law, Macquarie policies and procedures, or both. In the case of staff, Macquarie may upon investigation take disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.


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