Macquarie's strength lies in our unique structure and management style which gives our businesses significant operating freedom balanced by limits on risk and the adherence to professional standards. 

This management philosophy of freedom within boundaries fosters an entrepreneurial culture among staff. Strong prudential management is critical, along with adherence to our high professional standards. Central management monitors any market and industry risks to Macquarie, and any issues of medium and long-term significance.

Macquarie's approach combines the following core elements:

  • high ethical and professional standards
  • commitment to clients
  • commitment to growth
  • recruitment, retention and motivation of quality staff
  • alignment of staff rewards with those of shareholders
  • transparent and comprehensive reporting, including financial reporting and risk reporting.


Executive Committee
Nicholas Moore Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Greg Ward Deputy Managing Director and Head of Banking and Financial Services Group
Mary Reemst MBL Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Allen Chief Risk Officer and Head of Risk Management Group
Andrew Downe Head of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities
Tim Bishop Head of Macquarie Capital
Shemara Wikramanayake Head of Macquarie Funds Group
Garry Farrell Co-Head of Corporate and Asset Finance Group
Ben Brazil Co-Head of Corporate and Asset Finance Group
Stevan Vrcelj Head of Macquarie Securities Group
Michael McLaughlin US Country Head
Nicole Sorbara Chief Operating Officer and Head of Corporate Operations Group
Patrick Upfold Chief Financial Officer and Head of the Financial Management Group


Macquarie has a non-hierarchical organisational structure, split into six operating groups. The Executive Committee, a central group comprising the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Head of Risk Management, Global Chief Operation Officer and heads of Macquarie's major operating groups, manage the organisation as a whole.

Individual businesses operate within Macquarie's operating groups. These businesses work closely together, specialising in defined product or market sectors, and are committed to their client's relationship with the Macquarie group.

Within overall guidelines and a strong risk management framework, the operating groups have substantial discretion in the way they manage their business activities. Great emphasis is placed on a client's relationship with Macquarie as a whole.

Four service groups provide the framework, infrastructure and support that the operating groups require to manage their business. These are the Corporate Operations, Financial Management, Legal and Governance, and Risk Management Groups.


 Macquarie Group organisational structure

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