Corporate governance


Macquarie's approach to governance, which has remained largely consistent over time, is to:

  • promote the long term profitability of Macquarie while prudently managing risk
  • drive superior and sustainable shareholder value over the long term through the alignment of the interests of shareholders and staff
  • meet stakeholder expectations of sound corporate governance as part of Macquarie’s broader responsibility to clients, shareholders, investors and the communities in which it operates.

Members of the Board and staff are responsible for upholding Macquarie’s Goals and Values.

Macquarie Group Limited is a global financial services provider and its shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Macquarie is regulated by the Australian prudential regulator, APRA, as a non-operating holding company of a licensed Australian bank, Macquarie Bank Limited. Macquarie also has  subsidiaries that are supervised by regulators in the overseas jurisdictions in which they operate.

Macquarie's corporate governance framework and associated practices are described in the Corporate Governance Statement.

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