M6 Toll


The M6 Toll bypasses one of the most congested motorways in the UK.

The M6 Toll (formerly known as "Birmingham Northern Relief Road"), was tendered in the late 1980s as the first user-tolled motorway project in the United Kingdom. The route bypasses substantial congestion around the City of Birmingham on the M6 Motorway. It opened to traffic on 9 December 2003.

The M1/M6 is the main motorway route linking London with the key industrial areas of the West Midlands, the North West and Scotland. Where it runs through the city of Birmingham, the M6 is one of the UK's busiest and most congested motorways. Prior to the M6 Toll opening, some sections of the M6 carried up to 100% more traffic than this type of road was designed for.

MQA holds a 100% interest in the M6 Toll. 

M6 Toll map

Length 43 kilometres
Number of lanes Three lanes in each direction
Toll price escalation At the discretion of M6 Toll, no more than twice a year
Toll collection Cash, electronic and credit card
Concession end 2054